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39 999 RUB   |   16 000 UAH   |  available: 12 pieces
R5023 (P5023) device image.
Condenser R5023 air exemplary (R-5023, R 5023, p5023, p-5023, p 5023)
Supplied with the unit bridge AC R5026M. It is used under a bridge at high voltage as a model shoulder measurement circuit;
Nominal value of the capacitance - 50 pF;
The limits of acceptable deviations from the nominal capacitance values ​​- ± 3pF;
The error in determining the actual value of capacity - ± 0,08%;
The value of the dielectric loss tangent - 5 ∙ 10-5.

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139 999 RUB   |   69 999 UAH   |  available: 13 pieces
R5026 (P5026) device image.

Bridge AC R5026 (P-5026, P 5026, p5026, p-5026, p 5026)
     Designed to measure capacitance and dissipation factor at 50Hz.

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R5026M (P5026M)

139 999 RUB   |   69 999 UAH   |  available: 3 pieces
R5026M (P5026M) device image.
AC bridge R5026M (R 5026M, R-5026M, R5026 M, R 5026 M, R-5026 M, R5026 M, R 5026-M, R-5026-M, p5026m, p 5026m, p-5026m, p5026-m, p 5026-m, p-5026-m, p5026 m, p 5026 m, p-5026 m)
AC bridge Р5026М isdesigned to measure  capacitance and dielectric tangent loss of high-voltage industrial insulation for a "direct" (both outputs of the measuring object isolated from the "earth") and "inverted" (one output of the measured object is connected to "earth") schemes under operational conditions, directly on the installation location, as well as measurements of "direct" scheme in the laboratory capacity and dielectric tangent loss of various insulating materials and condensers at 50 and 60Hz.

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R5026M (p5026m)

33 033 RUB   |   10 763 UAH   |  available: 2 pieces
R5026M (P5026M) device image.
The main block to the bridge AC R5026M (R 5026M, R-5026M, R 5026 M, R-5026 M, R5026 M, R 5026-M, R-5026-M, p5026m, p 5026m, p-5026m, p5026-m, p 5026-m, p-5026-m, p5026 m, p 5026 m, p-5026 m)
Designed to measure the capacitance and dielectric loss tangent at a frequency of 50Hz.

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99 999 RUB   |   49 999 UAH   |  available: 2 pieces
R5058 bridge image.
Bridge AC R5058 (R-5058, R 5058)
Designed to measure the capacitance and dissipation factor of capacitors and other objects of measurement, as well as for measuring conductivity and the residual capacity of high-resistance resistors.

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available: 2 pieces
    Most AC R5061 (R 5061, P5061, R-5061; r5061; r 5061; r-5061)
    Bridge R5061 - is an electrical instrument for measuring capacitance and inductance.
    Measurement range:
    - Voltage: 0.1 Ohms - 12MOm;
    - Capacity: 1pF - 1200mkF;
    - Inductance: 10 mH - 1200Gn.
    Power to the device: the network 220 ± 4,4 V and frequency of 50 Hz.
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available: 2 pieces

Р5066 мост переменного тока предназначен для измерения емкости и угла потерь конденсаторов, индуктивности и добротности катушек, взаимной индуктивности.

Рабочий диапазон частот - от 40 Гц до 20 кГц.

Класс точности - 0,5.

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33 999 RUB   |   16 320 UAH   |  available: 12 pieces
R5069 (P5069) device image.
Condenser block R5069 (R-5069, R 5069, p5069, p-5069, p 5069)
Supplied with the unit bridge AC R5026M. Designed for use in conjunction with the bridge in the measurement of capacitance at the operating voltage of 5 kV to 10 kV.;
Nominal value of the capacity - 0,003 uF;
The nominal value of the resistance - 1 to O m.

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69 999 RUB   |   34 999 UAH   |  available: 5 pieces
R5079 bridge image.

    Bridge AC R5079 (R 5079; R-5079; r5079; r 5079; r-5079)
    Bridge R5079 AC - a device for measuring the capacitance and dissipation factor of the capacitors, and other objects of measurement.

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R5083 (P5083)

199 999 RUB   |   99 999 UAH   |  available: 2 pieces
R5083 (P5083) device image.

AC Bridge R5083 (R-5083, R 5083, p5083, p-5083, p 5083)

Is an autonomous measuring device for general industrial purposes and designed for automatic measurements of: capacitance C, inductance L, active resistance R, tangent loss tgδ (Q Qr), tangent angle of phase shift tgφ (Q Qc and QL) of measuremed objects, and also a percentage deviation of measured object with further presentation of measurement results in digital form.

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