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R38 (P38)

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     Reohordny bridge R38 (R-38, R 38, r38, r 38, r 38)

     Reohordny bridge R38 - a portable device with a balanced stepwise adjustable shoulder comparison and smoothly adjustable shoulder relationship, designed to measure the resistance of solid conductors with direct current.
     Accuracy class of the device: 1.5, 5;
     Measurement range of the bridge R38: from 0.3 ohm to 30000Om.
     With electrolytic prefix Kh 38 mm can be used to determine the conductivity of aqueous solutions of electrolytes.
     R38 bridge circuit (Figure 1.) Is mounted in a box on the top panel which is mounted: resistance switch reference leg, switch galvanometer zero galvanometer; terminals for connection of an electrolytic cell, terminals for connecting an external null indicator, reference scale relations shoulders; indicator light; terminals for connection of high frequency generator, power switch, handle regulatory relations shoulders and side of the instrument jack is provided for connecting to a power source.
Appearance reohordnogo bridge R38.
Figure 1. Appearance reohordnogo bridge R38: 1. Resistance switch reference leg 2. galvanometer switch 3. zero galvanometer 4. clamps 5. Clips 6. scale reference relations shoulder 7. The indicator lamp 8. Clips 9. jack for connecting to a power source 10. power switch 11. handle adjusting the ratio of the shoulders
     Overall dimensions:
     - R38 - 310h270h160mm;
     - Kh-38 - 150h100h75mm.
     Weight of the bridge:
     - R38 - 6kg;
     - Kh-38 - 100kg.
     Specifications reohordnogo bridge R38
     When operating on AC power is supplied from the AC with a frequency of 50 to 500 Hz with a voltage of 127 or 220. The maximum power consumption of the network bridge R38 is 5W.
     When the DC power supply device R38 is an external battery with a voltage of 1.2 to 1.5 when measured resistance of 0.3 to 3000Om with voltage from 2.4 to 3V measured resistance from 3000 to 30000Om.
     Workspace indications reohordnyh bridges R38 in variable and constant current ranges from 0.3 to 30000Om, which provides for use of the respective electrolytic cell the ability to measure the conductivity of various electrolytes.
Bridges R38 are designed to operate in ambient temperatures from +10 º C to +35 º C, relative humidity of 80%.

Photos: R38 (P38)

R38 (P38) device image.
R38 (P38) device image.
R38 (P38) front view.
R38 (P38) front view.
R38 (P38) side view.
R38 (P38) side view.