LLC "Zapadpribor" - a leading company engaged in the sale and service of measuring instruments.


    Our main principles are:


    1. We always try to be closer to our customers:
    Today our company has more than 50 employees in three offices: in Russia (Moscow), Ukraine ( Lviv) and Kazakhstan ( Ekibastuz ).
Оffice in Russia.
Оffice in Kazakhstan.
    2. A real product with real warehouses:
    We have the largest selection of electrical and radio equipment on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
    Most with devices on the site is in our warehouse in Moscow, Lviv and Ekibastuz in quantity allows to satisfy market demand.
    Also in our warehouse has a large portion of the existing types of panel meters. For each model available has all the basic measuring range.

    Therefore, most of the goods delivered to the customer is within 1-2 days.

    3. Best price on all devices on the market of the CIS:
    On all devices that are in stock in our warehouse, we can offer the lowest prices.On an ongoing basis of the Offer: Price Adjustment. If you find you are interested in the device at a lower price with the same conditions of delivery - we sell you the device even cheaper + you get a free Breathalyzer FGTest-05PRO.

    4. Impeccable quality products:
    Warranty on all appliances purchased in the state of emergency LLC "Zapadpribor" is 1 year.
    Also possible to connect the program "Extra Service", with the possibility of extending the warranty to 5 years.

    5. Prompt and reliable delivery to the customer:
    We securely pack all instruments with regard to the nature of goods, whether or glass shield ammeter oscillographic tube.

    Example six pack M42300 ammeters and three shunts:
packing example of ammeters and shunts
packing example of ammeters M42300 and shunts
packing example of six ammeters M42300 and three shunts

    We offer the best delivery time:
    - In Russia: 2-4 days for close to Moscow region (St. Petersburg, Kazan, Voronezh, and others), 5-8 days of average distance from Moscow (Arkhangelsk, Vorkuta, Omsk, Novosibirsk and others), 9-12 days to distant regions (Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, and others).
    - To Ukraine: 1-2 days depending on the region.
    - For Kazakhstan: 5-9 days depending on the region.
    Also can express courier service customer's warehouse.

    6. Impeccable warranty, after-sales and service, calibration and repair of MI:
    The enterprise has two certified laboratories that performed adjustment, calibration and repair of measuring equipment.
    The total staff of laboratories: 24.
    Basic laboratory equipment used for pre-testing and calibration of the devices:
    • calibration rigs:   UPPU-1M - 1 pcs., U300 - 6 pcs., UPAV-2 - 2 pcs., U1134M - 2 pcs.;
    • calibrators DC:   P320 - 5 pcs., P321 - 4 pcs., V1-12 - 2 pcs.;
    • standard measures electrical resistance, inductance and capacitance:   R4085, R310, R321, R331, R4013, R4033, R5101, R5115, R596, and others, a total of more than 75 pcs.;
    • radio devices:   V1-28, V7-46, G3-110, E7-21, S1-83, SVCh-74, F2-34, Ch3-63   and others, a total of more than 65 devices.

    Our engineers and craftsmen are regularly trained and practice in service areas of plants producing basic types of products.
    Having our own technical control department, which is recheck all devices prior to shipment to the customer.
    The presence of a visiting team (three masters, equipment, car), which is engaged in the installation and configuration of the equipment directly to the customer.

    7. Toll-free support on most issues:
    • Advice on the principle of works, installations and how to configure devices.
    • Legal support in an open lab.
    • Selection of the optimal price and time delivery option.

    By becoming our clients you will always be one step ahead of the competition!

    Our main areas of activity:
Focus 1.
Sale of electrical measuring, radio measuring equipment and instrumentation

    Panel meters (analog and digital) ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, varmeter, frequency, phase meter, synchronizing, and shunts, additional resistance and current transformers and voltage to them.
ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, varmeters, frequency meters, phase meters

    Electrical appliances: breakdown installation, autotransformers, ohmmeters, webermeters, teslametry, galvanometers, light meters, meters of electromagnetic fields and other types of devices.
breakdown installations, autotransformers, ohmmeters, webermeters, teslameters, galvanometers, luxmeters

    Equipment for metrological services and departments of engineering controls: calibrators, comparators, calibration settings, measures and stores, measuring bridges, normal cells and other types of equipment.
calibrators, comparators, calibration facilities, measures and shops, measuring bridges

    Radio Equipment: oscilloscopes, voltmeters, frequency and frequency standards, generators, spectrum analyzers, meters RLC, AFR meters, voltmeters, selective, and other types of devices.
oscilloscopes, voltmeters, frequency meters and frequency standards, generators, spectrum analyzers

    Test and Measurement: the secondary automatic recording devices (N3092, N2093, N3095, N3096, N3022K, KSM2, KSP2, KSU2, KSD2, RP160, KM140, KP140, KD140, KL140), pressure gauges, thermometers, rotameters.
secondary recording instruments, manometers, thermometers, rotameters

We are official dealers of the following manufacturers:

ZIP-Nauchpribor dealer certificate
Direction 2.
Sales of equipment for service vehicles.

    LLC "Zapadpribor" - the official dealer of the three largest manufacturers of equipment for inspection - NPF "META", ZAO "ALFA-DINAMIKA Khimavtomatika" TM "INFRAKAR", "Unimetal Sp. z o.o.". This equipment is used for maintenance, like cars and tractors, combines and other agricultural machinery, as well as mining and construction equipment.
certificate of the dealer NPF META
certificate of the dealer of CJSC ALPHA-DYNAMIKA Himavtomatika
dealer certificate Unimetal

    LLC "Zapadpribor" is the leader in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan among the suppliers of equipment for inspection: We have more than 1,150 stations staffed inspection.
    We appreciate our customers - LLC "Zapadpribor" - is the only company that offers all the necessary equipment for inspection - from the brake caliper and ending roller stands:
    - Roller stands for testing of brake systems;
    - Nagruzhateli trailer hitch;
    - Detectors backlash;
    - Leak detectors, gas analyzers and smoke meters;
    - Photometers and regloskopy, devices for measuring light transmission glass;
    - Sound level meters;
    - Ljuftomer, dynamometers, torque wrenches, tire pressure gauges;
    - Stopwatches;
    - Tape measures, rulers, calipers, depth gauges;
    - Barometers, hygrometers, thermometers, anemometers and other equipment.
equipment for technical inspection

    Each unit of equipment IAOD we sell is certified and has a certificate of verification in metrological bodies.If necessary, we can provide a copy of Certificate of making the equipment in the list of measuring devices.
    Also, we are always ready to offer you a complete set of accessories for service stations - lifts, suspension tester, testers dampers play detectors, tire changers, washing and other any other equipment according to your wishes. 
By becoming our clients you will always be one step ahead of the competition!
Focus 3.
Motors, synchro rotary transformers.

    You may also have to buy electric cars: selsyns (ND NA BIT NED, BD, BS, CI, CMC, CT, SG, GS, SGS, DBS, SB, SDS, ED and others), rotary transformers (2 , 5W, 2.5 BVT, VT-5, W-4S, W-3A, W-2A, SKT, BSKT, etc.), electric motors (DWP, CA, PD, DKIR, AT, ADT, FDLR and other) engines generators (DG, DT, ADH, TAP, CMB, IE, DTG and others).
selsyns, rotary transformers, electric motors, motors-generators
Direction 4.
Supply of industrial equipment, measuring instruments and radio.

     Laboratory equipment: dynamometers (DPI, DOSM, Dorma), pyrometers, thermal imaging cameras, stopwatches, anemometers, thickness, tensile testing machine, hardness, and other types of devices.
dynamometers (DPU, DOSM, DORM), pyrometers, thermal imagers, stopwatches, anemometers

    Instruments for monitoring the safety of personnel: dosimeters (Pripyat, Terra, DP-5V, Bella, SINTEKS), devices for determining the alcohol (breathalyzer, breathalyzers, analyzers, alcohol).
dosimeters, devices for determining alcohol

    Measuring tools: ruler, tape measure, calipers, calibration plate, gauges, bars, squares, micrometers, calipers, hardness, measures of length and other types of tools.
rulers, roulettes, calipers, calibration plates, gauges, bars

    Wireless components: sensors for measuring vibration (ANS, ABC, P120, AC), Geiger-Mueller (GMS-20, STS-5), potentiometers (PPML, PTP PPMF), shock (blood pressure, APN, APNM, AFD), photocells, lamps, klystrons and other types of radio components.
vibration measurement sensors, Geiger-Muller counters, potentiometers
Direction 5.
Supply of specialized equipment to order.

    Production of aviation technical and marine purposes: to sell any marine equipment.Provide advice on the acquisition of aviation products for industrial purposes, including a previous production. Please!

    If for some reason you were not able to get the full information that interest you, please let us know - we will investigate your situation and give you a comprehensive answer.

    LLC "Zapadpribor" - active participant in key regional, national and international exhibitions.

    Our stand you can always see at most shows electrical and automotive topics!
10th exhibition Energy. Electrical engineering. Automatics, diploma