voltmeters V7



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Voltmeter universal V7-13 (V713, V7 13, V-713, V 713, b7-13, b713, b7 13, b-713, b713)

To measure DC mean-square of harmonic voltage, resistance, strength and constant rms values ​​of harmonic currents.
The range of DC voltage 10mV-1000V
Measurement range of low-frequency voltage 100mV-1000V
Measurement range of the high-voltage 100mV-300V
Frequency range from 10 Hz to 10 6 Hz
DC current of 0.3 mA-15A
Measuring Range AC-15A 30MKA
Resistance measurement range 1 ohm-30MOm
Relative error of DC 2.5% low-frequency voltage 4% -6% of the high voltage 4% -15%, 2.5% resistance; AC 6% -10%, 3.5% resistance.
Dimensions - 245h180h160mm
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