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Spares for devices KSM2, KSP2, KSU2, KSD2


Secondary devices KSM2, KSP2, KSU2 are designed for measurement and control of power and DC voltage, as well as non-electrical parameters (temperature, differential temperature, salinity) are converted into electrical signals and active resistance.

KSD2 devices - single channel one-limit, secondary, automatic, interchangeable, differential transformer devices.


Spares for devices KSM2, KSP2, KSU2, KSD2.


Only here you will find more than 230 different types of spare parts and equipment for KSM2, KSP2, KSU2, KSD2.


Year: 2017-2019. 


Below are the parts to devices KSM2, KSP2, KSU2, KSD2, which are in sufficient quantities present in our stock.


Marking Description
B-01.120.14 Housing inkwells
B-01.220.37 Cover
B-01.230.73 Cover
U-01.720.13 Sleeve
B-01.751.23 Capillary
B-02.012.73 Base dial
B-02.012.73 var. Base dial discriminated
B-02.012.97 Base line
B-02.012.97 var. Base line discriminated
B-02.014.95 The base of the dial
B-02.014.95 var. Base dial discriminated
B-02.438.75 Plank
B-02.478.59 Plank
U-03.000.19 Spring
U-03.025.03-01 Axis
U-03.025.03-01 Axis
U-03.053.47 Roller
U-03.119.08 Gear wheel
U-03.119.82 Gear wheel
B-03.126.87-02 Gear wheel
U-03.206.02 Linear cam
U-03.206.03 Linear-quadratic cam
U-03.206.08 Cam
U-03.230.14 Roller
B-03.231.34-01 Roller
B-03.231.34-02 Roller
U-03.332.02 Slider
U-03.570.60 Bush
U-03.580.08 Bush
U-03.600.66 Spring
U-03.600.73 Spring
B-03.604.15 Spring
B-03.607.95 Spring
B-03.607.69 Spring
B-03.635.79 Spring
U-03.639.18 Spring
U-03.639.55 Spring
B-03.644.12 Spring
B-03.644.13 Spring
B-03.644.81 Spring
U-03.742.18-01 Guides
B-03.850.27 Catch
U-03.929.57 Bush
U-03.930.69 Bush
B-03.950.51 Bush
U-04.131.01 Brush
U-04.131.01 Wiper d/m
B-04.410.66 Arrow
B-04.410.67 Arrow
U-05.340.02 Latch
B-05.340.82 Door Latch
U-06.307.59 Washer
U-12.372.01 Pulse counter SI-206
U-12.425.02 Mechanism print pages and switch sensors (3 points.)
U-12.425.02-01 Mechanism print pages and switch sensors (6 points).
U-12.425.02-02 Mechanism print pages and switch sensors (12 points.)
U-12.425.02 Mechanism print pages and switch sensors (3 points.) d/m
U-12.425.02-01 Mechanism print pages switch sensors (6 points). d/m
U-12.425.02-02 Mechanism print pages and switch sensors (12 points.) d/m
U-12.425.02-06 Mechanism print pages and switch sensors (3 points.)
U-12.425.02-07 Mechanism print pages switch. sensors (6 points).
U-12.425.02-08 Mechanism print pages and switch sensors (12 points.)
U-12.425.02-06 Mechanism print pages and switch sensors (3 points.) d/m
U-12.425.02-07 Mechanism print pages and switch sensors (6 points). d/m
U-12.425.02-08 Mechanism print pages and switch sensors (12 points.) d/m
U-12.646.10 UDP amplifier with switch
(12 points.)
U-12.646.10-01 UDP amplifier with switch
(6 points).
U-12.646.10-02 UDP amplifier with switch
(3 points.)
U-12.648.21 Amplifier U1MA-01
  Amplifier U1M-01
U-12.648.21-01 Amplifier U2MA-01
  Amplifier U2M-01
U-12.648.21-02 Amplifier U3MA-01
  Amplifier U3M-01
  Harnesses transition to U1MA-01, ..., 01-U3MA
U-12.852.02 Switch slide
Switch (signal)
Switch (signal) D/m
Switch (power)
U-13.425.01 Tape drive o/k
U-13.425.01-01 Tape drive mechanism m/k
B-13.673.11 Gear with engine DSM-0,2P
U-13.694.02 Power supply stabilized IRS
U-13.852.05 Switch 3 points.
U-13.852.05-01 Switch 6 points.
U-13.852.05-02 Switch 12 points.
U-13.852.05 Switch 3 points. D/m
U-13.852.05-01 Switch 6 points. D/m
U-13.852.05-02 Switch 12 points. D/m
U-13.852.06 Switch 3 points.
U-13.852.06-01 Switch 6 points.
U-13.852.06-02 Switch 12 points.
U-13.852.06 Switch 3 points. D/m
U-13.852.06-01 Switch 6 points. D/m
U-13.852.06-02 Switch 12 points. D/m
U-13.852.08-03 Switch 3 points.
U-13.852.08-06 Switch 6 points.
U-13.852.08-09 Switch 12 points.
U-13.852.08-03 Switch 3 points. D/m
U-13.852.08-06 Switch 6 points. D/m
U-13.852.08-09 Switch 12 points. D/m
B-13.692.10-01 Setpoint signal (2 short)
B-13.692.10-02 Setpoint signal (2 short)
B-13.692.10-03 Setpoint signal (4 long)
B-13.692.10-04 Setpoint signal (2 long)
B-13.692.10-05 Setpoint signal (4 short)
B-13.692.10-06 Setpoint signal (2 long)
B-13.692.16-01 Ramp 3 points.
B-13.692.16-02 Ramp 6 points.
B-13.692.16-03 Ramp 12 points.
B-14.009.35 Bracket
U-15.010.36 Board interconnect switching
U-15.010.36-01 Board interconnect switching
U-15.014.02 Measuring circuit board
U-15.014.03 Measuring circuit board
  Panel of external switching
(1toch. w/sig.)
  Panel of external switching
(1toch., sig.)
  Panel of external switching
  Panel of external switching
(3t., /sig.)
  Panel of external switching
(6t., /sig.)
  Panel of external switching (12t. w/sig.)
  Panel of external switching
(3t., sig.)
  Panel of external switching
(6t., sig.)
  Panel of external switching
(12t., sig.)
  Panel of external switching (3t., div.sign.)
  Panel of external switching (6t., div.sign.)
  Panel of external switching
(12t. div.sign.)
B-15.180.17 Clip collected
U-15.206.07 Gear with engine DSM-2P
U-15.206.22 No engine gearbox
U-15.206.23 No engine gearbox
U-15.280.01 Engine with brushes
U-15.280.01 Engine with brushes d/m
U-15.316.02 Coupling
U-15.326.04 Carriage with pen
U-15.326.09 The carriage typewriter
U-15.390.04 Pulley (RD-09, F7mm)
U-15.390.04-01 Pulley (D-219, F6mm)
U-15.390.04-03 Pulley (diftransformer block)
U-15.425.06-01 Print carriage 3 points.
U-15.425.06-02 Print carriage 6 points.
U-15.425.06-03 Print carriage 12 points.
U-15.609.04 Slidewire problem
U-15.609.09 Slidewire (1 coil)
U-15.609.09 Slidewire (1 spiral) d/m
U-15.609.09 Slidewire (2 helix)
U-15.609.09 Slidewire (2 helix) d/m
U-15.609.09 Slidewire (3 helix)
U-15.609.09 Slidewire (3 helix) d/m
U-15.610.10 Block diftransformer
U-15.610.10-01 Block diftransformer
B-15.627.68 Reel
B-15.627.95 Induction coil
U-15.844.03A Group contact
U-15.844.06A Group contact
U-15.844.07A Group contact
B-16.010.01 Pen with capillary
U-16.183.03 Ring with roller
U-16.500.24 Motor with pulley
U-16.621.19-07A Transformer
U-16.621.19-09A Transformer
B-17.010.12 Feather
B-17.023.23 Plank
B-17.061.02 Elbow roller
B-17.061.23 Angle
U-17.105.37 Bracket with roller
U-17.105.47 Bracket
U-17.105.48 Bracket
B-17.118.98 Plate with roller
B-17.162.37 Pen Holder
  Holder assembly writing
U-17.164.06 Cheek
U-17.164.07 Cheek
B-17.180.68-01 Sleeve jacket with 3 points.
B-17.180.68-02 Sleeve jacket with 6 points.
B-17.180.68-03 Jacket with collar 12 points.
U-17.200.43 Gear wheel with ratchet
U-17.200.86 Gear wheel
U-17.200.91 Gear wheel (312 ed.)
U-17.200.94 Gear wheel (old 506 ct.)
U-17.201.01 Wheel hub (607 ed. 15sec.)
U-17.201.01-02 Wheel hub (607 ed. 5 sec.)
U-17.201.03 Gear wheel (205 per.)
B-17.216.04-01 Gear wheel (312 ed.)
B-17.216.04-02 Gear wheel (312 ed.)
B-17.216.04-03 Gear wheel (312 ed.)
B-17.216.04-04 Gear wheel (312 ed.)
B-17.216.04-05 Gear wheel (312 ed.)
B-17.216.05-01 Gear wheel (312 ed.)
B-17.216.06 Gear wheel (312 ed.)
U-17.218.24 Lever bearing (23 ed.)
B-17.227.13 Lever
U-17.230.15-01 Cam toothed wheel
U-17.230.15-02 Cam toothed wheel
U-17.261.02 Sleeve
U-17.281.15 Slider
U-17.298.17 Axis with the sleeve (support LPM)
U-17.302.06 Roller lever (COP m/k)
U-17.302.78 Roller (COP m/k)
U-17.302.66 Roller with a pulley (CVL)
B-17.303.06 Axis with the sleeve (support LPM)
U-17.307.17 Bush
U-17.370.12-01 Drum showing (3 points.)
U-17.370.12-02 Drum showing (6 points).
U-17.370.12-03 Drum showing (12 points.)
Drum (mn/ch.)
  Drum (one./ch.)
U-17.381.06 Spiral slidewire
U-17.381.06 Spiral slidewire d/m
U-17.381.07 Spiral slide wire (setpoint)
U-17.391.03 Pulley
U-17.404.16 Spring with a contact
U-17.404.16 Spring contact with d/m
U-17.404.17 Spring with a contact
U-17.404.17 Spring contact with d/m
B-17.406.72 Spring contacts
B-17.406.72 Spring contacts d/m
B-17.407.06 Spring contacts
B-17.407.06 Spring contacts d/m
U-17.442.03 Sight
B-17.621.50 Coil (adj)
B-17.627.76 Coil (thermo-compensation)
LT-17.897.10 Coil (909 slidewire)
U-19.002.56 Box with cages
BU-9 Integrator block
PKT-2B Switch the printing mechanism (Deputy U-17.230.15-02)
NB-189-05 Key
ShL-0, 65 Dacron cord
D219 P1 Engine
RD09-P2A Engine
DSM 2P Engine
DSM 0.2 P Engine
  Paint for multipoint print
B-16.134.23 Glass paint
UPS-03M Node writing


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