Besides selling measuring equipment, we provide a range of services:

1. Delivery of equipment to order.

We buy and sell your business in no time (1-2 weeks) any equipment on order. Our manager searches for the equipment you need to set parameters, will help you choose an analogue or replacement of obsolete devices.

Also, if you need a product from abroad, and you are not accredited by customs, we can solve these problems and save you time.


2. Repair and calibration of measuring equipment.

We repair and calibrate the instruments in the two laboratories with a total number of employees 24 people. All devices are censored in the Department inspector. So the repair performed quickly and accurately. We give 1 year warranty on all refurbished equipment.


Basic laboratory equipment used for pre-testing and calibration of the devices:

- calibration rigs:   UPPU-1M - 1 pcs., U300 - 6 pcs., UPAV-2 - 2 pcs., U1134M - 2 pcs.;

- calibrators DC:   P320 - 5 pcs., P321 - 4 pcs., V1-12 - 2 pcs.;

- standard measures electrical resistance, inductance and capacitance:   R4085, R310, R321, R331, R4013, R4033, R5101, R5115, R596, and others, a total of more than 75 pcs.;

- radio devices:   V1-28, V7-46, G3-110, E7-21, S1-83, SVCh-74, F2-34, Ch3-63   and others, a total of more than 65 devices.


See photos presales devices:


3. Preparation of measurement equipment for metrology calibration.

Engineers carry out a full calibration and adjustment (if the repair needs) of the device in accordance with the technical documentation for the device. Be tested measured values ​​from all device operating range.


4. Representation of your interests in the State Standard.

We take all the hassle associated with the annual metrological verification devices. You will not need to waste time on issues:

where to believe the device?

how to get the device into the State Standard?

what if metrologist will reject the device?

where calibrate?

where to repair the device?...

You send the unit to us and get back to the unit, which is fully consistent with the technical documentation, certificate of verification issued by the metrological authority Gosstandart and acceptance certificate.


5. Providing services replacement fund.

At the time when your device will be in the repair, calibration or verification, we can provide for the use of a working prototype of our replacement fund. So you can not stop the operation of the plant maintenance or measurement laboratory for the duration of the work with your device.



- Average time of checking in the State Standard for about two weeks;

- Measurement Laboratory can not work with nepoverennym or lack of instruments.

How much money you will earn up to 2 weeks of downtime of your company? What do you do if you have multiple instruments?

The use of our replacement fund will solve all these issues.


6. Training of personnel working with complex measurement tools.

Customer Service Engineer will travel to you on the subject and conduct practical coaching your employees on the basis of the device, and will report all details and features of the device type. This will help you avoid accidents from tampering with the equipment and devices breakdowns caused by not proper exploitation.


We guarantee high quality work and a comprehensive approach to solving problems.


With us you will save time and money.