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wheel coupling



3 pcs

Designed to test the inertia braking system of trailers vehicle categories O2 and O3;
Operating pressure generated in the pneumo-mechanical unit - 0.5 MPa, 0, 8MPa;
Unit price of the least bit CPU - 0.1 N;
Maximum permissible relative error of the creation and measurement efforts in pushing the trailer coupling device - ± 1%.
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    Nagruzhatel drawbar trailers "VTT" stand-alone electronic (electro-mechanical) is designed to measure the strength of push-trailer hitch in the range from 0H to 5,000 N with an accuracy of ± 2%.

    The only universal and fully self-contained nagruzhatel. Consists directly with the mechanical loading device, measuring strain gauge and digital converter with LCD screen, which displays the measured values. Therefore, it can work with any type of brake testers (META, SIPA, BM Autoteknik, Maha, Hofmann , Bosch, CARTEC, NUSSBAUM, and all others).

To work this nagruzhatel not need a compressor, receiver gauge and the additional strain gauge sensor (pedometer from the brake stand).
The best option for any MOT station with any type of brake tester.

    Fully compliant to the Order of Industry and Trade of Russia № 1677.
Display of measured values ​​is carried out on the digital display in Newtons (no need to make an indirect transfer the pressure to the value of the force).
For the convenience of the operator can view a maximum measured value of power push-trailer hitch.
Nagruzhatel trailer hitch provides a rigid connection to the forkopom car and trailer coupling device.
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Loader wheel coupling trailers «Meta» non-autonomous electronic (electronic and mechanical)


4 pcs

Price in Russia:

52 900 RUB

include VAT

Price in Ukraine:

26 450 UAH

include VAT

Nagruzhatel hitch
Nagruzhatel hitch - the product to verify that the inertia braking system of trailers of cars passing inspection.

The auxiliary device - only works with the brake stands STM series of NPF "META".
Does not need a compressor, receiver and pressure gauge.
A good solution for MOT stations, staffed brake tester STM.
Measuring range effort push-coupling - to 5kN.
The relative error in measuring the force pushed home - no more than ± 5%.

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Loader trailer coupling trailers non-autonomous pneumatic (pneumatic and mechanical)


1 pc

Price in Russia:

32 000 RUB

include VAT

Loader trailer coupling (pneumatic) designed to create a given force on the coupling head of the automobile trailers with inertia brake when checking the properties of a trailer brake on the roller brake tester.

Assist device - works only with accessories: compressor to 10 atmospheres, the receiver and the pressure gauge. The resulting pressure values ​​need to be translated by using a special schedule.
Budget solution for stations where there is a system for supplying compressed air.
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