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R5026M (p5026m)

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The main block to the bridge AC R5026M (R 5026M, R-5026M, R 5026 M, R-5026 M, R5026 M, R 5026-M, R-5026-M, p5026m, p 5026m, p-5026m, p5026-m, p 5026-m, p-5026-m, p5026 m, p 5026 m, p-5026 m)
The main block to the bridge AC R5026M designed to measure the capacitance and dielectric loss tangent at a frequency of 50Hz.
Technical characteristics of the devices to bridge the basic building blocks of alternating current R5026M:
Temperature - from +10 º C to +35 º C from -10 º C to +40 º C;
Relative humidity - up to 80% to 90% at 25 º C;
Isolation unit R5026M main unit to the bridge between the AC and the internal screen casing to stand for 5 minutes. effect of the test voltage 15 kV AC frequency (50 ± 1) Hz;
Power requirements - 15V ∙ A;
Dimensions - 540h380h280mm;
Weight - 20 kg;
Dimensions - 540h380h280;
Weight - 22kg;
MTBF R5026M device main unit to the bridge AC - not less than 5250 hours;
Average life - at least 6 years.

Photos R5026M (p5026m)

R5026M (P5026M) device image.
R5026M (P5026M) device image.
R5026M (P5026M) front view.
R5026M (P5026M) front view.
R5026M (P5026M) side view.
R5026M (P5026M) side view.
R5026M (P5026M) overhead view.
R5026M (P5026M) overhead view.