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    Bridge AC R5061 (P 5061, P-5061; p 5061; p 5061; p-5061)
    Bridge R5061 - is an electrical instrument for measuring capacitance and inductance. A bridge is a measuring bridge circuit, the effect of which is based on the method of comparing the measured value with an exemplary measure.

    - Voltage: 0.1 Ohms - 12MOm;
    - Capacity: 1pF - 1200mkF;
    - Inductance: 10 mH - 1200Gn.
    Power to the device: the network 220 ± 4,4 V and frequency of 50 Hz.

Specifications R5061

    The insulation resistance between the case and isolated DC bridge circuits: 100MOm.
    Bridges R5061 provide the operating conditions of application details needed after a setup time of or immediately after operation. They are recoverable products group II, type 1 RD 50-650-87.

    Maximum permissible error in the measurement of container bridges and (or) the inductance, expressed as a percentage of the measured value is measured according to the formula:

R5061 AC bridge formula of the maximum permissible error.
where c - the accuracy class of the bridge.
    Maximum permissible error, which may have bridges R5061 when measuring capacity and (or) the inductance in the working frequency range limit is twice the permissible basic error.
    The limit of additional error R5061 bridges in measuring capacity and (or) the inductance caused by changes in ambient temperature from normal to any temperature within the limits established by the following operating conditions, for every 10 ° C change in temperature is equal to half of the maximum permissible basic error.
    The limit of additional error R5061 due to changes in supply voltage from normal to anyone within specified operating conditions of the application is equal to half of the maximum permissible basic error.
    Sensitivity, which has a bridge R5061 complete with a generator and a pointer to the equilibrium is such that the variation of the reading of the bridge from the balanced state of a value equal to half of the maximum permissible error of the main causes deflection of the beam pointer balance of not less than 1 mm or end of the arrow pointer balance of at least than 0.5 mm.
    Time to failure in the working conditions of application for the R5061 is less than 10,000 hours. Average service life of bridges - at least 10 years of age. The average recovery time is not more than 48 hours.
    Installed failure operating bridges R5061 in the working conditions of application - not less than 1000 hours. Specified service life in the working conditions of use - at least 5 years. Established term persistence in storage until the input bridges in operation - at least 6 months.
    Operating conditions R5061

    Bridge R5061 is designed to operate at an ambient temperature of 20 ± 1 ° C at a relative humidity of 30-80%. Barometric pressure for optimum operation of the product should be in the range of 84-106 kPa (630-795 mm Hg. .).
    The value of climatic influence quantities for the working conditions and the extreme conditions of transportation meet the requirements of GOST 22261-82, groups of 1-5.