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   Bridges MO-61  (MO61, MO 61, M0-61, M061, M0 61; mo-61; mo61; mo 61; m0-61; m061; m0 61)    

    Bridges MO-61 - Bridge DC, designed to measure the resistance in the laboratory.
    Measurement limits - 10mkOm - 100MOm.
    The basic error - from ± 0,05% to ± 1%.
    The resistance of each calibrated wire - 0.01 ohms ± 0,0003 Ohms.
    Bridges MO-61 are used to measure resistance with a very high accuracy. Operation bridges MO-61 is to ensure that the arm of the bridge includes the measured resistance and adjusting the resistance value included in the other arm of the bridge, lower bridge imbalance to zero. The resistance value obtained when it is equal to the measured resistance.

    Specifications MO-61

    Most MO-61 is protected from leakage currents that affect the measurement of high resistance.
    The value of the errors, which allows MO-61 bridge at the time of measurement, filed in Table 1.

    Table 1.
Measurement range
The accuracy
Measurement scheme
10mkOm - 10mOm
4 clamping connection of the measured resistance
10mOm - 0.01 Ohm
0.01 ohms - 0.1 ohms
0.1 ohm - 100MOm
2 clamping connection of the measured resistance
Rated power of each resistor bridge arms MO-61 resistance from the 1st and more is 0.05 W resistor - 0.1 Ohm - 5mW, resistor 0.01 ohm - 5mkVt.

    Bridges MO-61 carry power from the following sources:
    - Built-in device battery cells;
    - External battery suitable voltage;
    - AC power 127V/220V.

Most MO-61 is designed to operate under the following conditions:
    - Ambient air temperature of +15 ᵒ C to +20 ᵒ C (normal operating temperature is 20 ᵒ ᵒ C ± 2 C);
    - Relative humidity - less than 80%.

Photos: MO-61

MO-61 front view.
MO-61 front view.
MO-61 drawing.
MO-61 drawing.