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    Bridge AM140 (AM 140, AM-140; am140; am 140; am-140)
    AM140 - automatic bridge, designed to measure temperature, salinity or electrical resistivity of water, as well as for signaling at a deviation of the measured values ​​of the specified value.

    Measurement range - 0 - 400 ᵒ C.
    Voltage - 36V.
    Current - 1A.
    Frequency - 400Hz.
    Weight - 15kg.

    Bridges AM140 designed for integration and work in special kits and analyzers are used to measure the ratio of two-phase AC voltage characterizing the content of the analyte in the test gas mixture.

    Structural features AM140

    AM140 instrument has a means to enable (disable) signal when a deviation from the nominal value of the parameter. AM140 is also a bridge device that outputs a voltage 0-1V, the index is proportional to the deviation from the initial unit of the scale.

Photos: AM140

AM140 front view (scale).
AM140 front view (scale).
AM140 side view (casing depth).
AM140 side view (casing depth).
AM140 rear view (connection).
AM140 rear view (connection).