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Condenser R5023 air exemplary (R-5023, R 5023, p5023, p-5023, p 5023)
Supplied with the unit bridge AC R5026M. It is used under a bridge at high voltage as a model shoulder measurement circuit;
Nominal value of the capacitance - 50 pF;
The limits of acceptable deviations from the nominal capacitance values ​​- ± 3pF;
The error in determining the actual value of capacity - ± 0,08%;
The value of the dielectric loss tangent - 5 ∙ 10-5.
Isolation capacitor between a high-potential terminal and low potential terminal and between the terminal connected to the ground and a metal base on which the capacitor withstands during 5min. test voltage of 15 kV AC 50 Hz ± 1 Hz;
R5023 insulation resistance between high-voltage terminal connected together and the low potential terminal and also between the shell and the metal base on which the capacitor is installed - at least 500 MW;
R5023 Dimensions - Diameter - 315mm, height - 565mm;
Weight - 18kg.

Photos Р5023

R5023 (P5023) device image.
R5023 (P5023) device image.
R5023 (P5023) side view.
R5023 (P5023) side view.
R5023 (P5023) overhead view.
R5023 (P5023) overhead view.
R5023 (P5023) bottom view.
R5023 (P5023) bottom view.