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Bridge DC MO-62 (MO62, MO 62)
Bridge DC MO-62 is designed to:
- Measurements of the ohmic resistances in the range of 2 ∙ 10 -5 ohm to 106 ohms;
- Checking existing measuring devices and equipment for resistance thermometers;
- Identify the nature and location of damage overhead lines or cables.
Technical characteristics of the instrument bridge DC MO-62:
The device has the ability to produce the following types of measurements and tests:
- Fit the resistance of the trunk of devices with resistance thermometers in 2-D and 3-wire enable;
- Insulation resistance measurement range from 1 MW to 100 MW;
- Use the comparison arm of the bridge as a store of resistance;
- Use the internal galvanometer
The device bridge DC MO-62 is designed to operate at an ambient temperature of +10 º C to +35 º C and relative humidity to 80%;
Measurement range ohmic resistance of 2 ∙ 10 -5 ohm to 106 ohms with an accuracy of:
- ± 5% - in the range of 0.00002 to 0.0001 ohms Ohms;
- ± 2% - ranging from 0.0001 ohm to 0.001 ohm;
- ± 0,5% in the - range from 0.001 ohms to 0.1 ohms;
- ± 0,1% from 0.1 ohms to 105 ohms;
- ± 0,5% - in the range from 105 ohms to 106 ohms;
- ± 0,02% according to the method of substitution in the range of 25 ohms to 104 ohms;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument MO-62 bridge DC technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos MO-62

MO-62 device image.
MO-62 device image.
MO-62 accessories and spare parts.
MO-62 accessories and spare parts.
MO-62 front view.
MO-62 front view.
MO-62 side view.
MO-62 side view.
MO-62 rear view.
MO-62 rear view.