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Condenser block R5069 (R-5069, R 5069, p5069, p-5069, p 5069)
Condenser block R5069 is supplied with the unit bridge AC R5026M. Designed for use in conjunction with the bridge in the measurement of capacitance at the operating voltage of 5 kV to 10 kV.
Technical characteristics of the devices condenser block R5069:
Nominal value of the capacity - 0,003 uF;
The nominal value of the resistance - 1 k ohms.

Photos Р5069

R5069 (P5069) device image.
R5069 (P5069) device image.
R5069 (P5069) front view.
R5069 (P5069) front view.
R5069 (P5069) overhead view.
R5069 (P5069) overhead view.

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