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R4053 (P4053)

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Bridge DC R4053

Also this device can be called: R 4053, R-4053, P4053, P 4053, P-4053.


R4053 DC high impedance bridge is designed to measure the electrical resistance of the dc laboratory and workshop conditions.


Structurally R4053 bridges decorated with two-tone metal body with a sloping panel and designed for operation at the hospital workplace. The body mounted bridge measuring circuit, power supply, electrometer zero indicator to the output device.


Specifications R4053:


The range of the measured resistance Main error Power dissipation or adjustable voltage on the measurement object
from 0.01 Ohm to 0.9999 Ohm ±0,01 Ohm 0.0003 W
from 1 Ohm to 9.9999 Ohm ±(0,1%±0,01 Ohm) 0.03 W
from 10 Ohm to 99,999 Ohm ±0,05% 0.25 W
from 100 Ohm to 999.9 Ohm 0.005 W
from 1 kOhm to 9.9999 kOhm 0.025 W
from 10 kOhm to 99,999 kOhm 0.003 W
from 100 kOhm to 9.9999 GOhm from 40 V to 100 V
from 10 GOhm to 99,999 GOhm ±0,1% from 40 V to 100 V
from 100 GOhm to 999.99 GOhm ±0,5% from 50 V to 100 V
from 1 TOhm to 99,999 TOhm ±2,0%
from 100 TOhm to 999.99 TOhm ±10,0%
from 1000 TOhm to 9999.9 TOhm ±R·10-14 100 V


Error caused by changes in ambient temperature ranging from +10° C to +35° C for every 5° C change - no more permissible basic error.


Minimum probability of failure of equipment for 500 hours of testing - not less than 0.7.

Confidence probability of failure of equipment for 500 hours of testing - not less than 0.9.


MTBF - not less than 2000 hours.

Supply voltage - 220V±10%.

Power consumption - no more than 30 W.


Dimensions - 600×400×400 mm.

The weight of the bridge - 35 kg.


High performance measurements of electrical resistance bridge R4053 provided that it contains a built-in power supply (PS) and the null indicator (NI), agreed with the measuring circuits. The null indicator consists of a dynamic electrometer in which to convert the input signal into an alternating current voltage of the capacitor with a large dynamic insulation resistance between the fixed electrodes and the vibrating.


Operating conditions R4053:


Ambient temperature - +10° C to +35° C.

Relative humidity - 80%.

In terms of resistance to mechanical stress R4053 bridges are common.


Counting measurement result in bridges made ​​from R4053 indications numeric values ​​with automatic indication of the position and dimensions of the discharge comma.

Photos: R4053 (P4053)

R4053 (P4053) device image.
R4053 (P4053) device image.
R4053 (P4053) view panel of the device.
R4053 (P4053) view panel of the device.
R4053 (P4053) side view.
R4053 (P4053) side view.
R4053 (P4053) rear view.
R4053 (P4053) rear view.
R4053 (P4053) overhead view.
R4053 (P4053) overhead view.
R4053 (P4053) bottom view.
R4053 (P4053) bottom view.