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Radiometric devices >> belongings to the selective voltmeters SMV

TK 11 (ТК 11)

available: 5 pieces
TK 11 probe image.

TK 11 probe used for low resistance measurement asymmetrical interference voltages at high current lines.
Frequency range - from 0,15 MHz to 30 MHz.

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TK 111 (ТК 111)

available: 2 pieces
device image.

TK 111 пробник используется в сочетании с селективным микровольтметром типа SMV 11 или SMV 8,5.

Частотный диапазон - от 0,15 МГц до 30 МГц.

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TK 12 (ТК 12)

available: 8 pieces
TK 12 probe image.

TK 12 probe is used where desirable smaller load measurement object.
Execution - 2,5 Ohm.

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TK 14 (ТК 14)

available: 6 pieces
TK 14 probe image.

TK 14 probe is used to measure asymmetrical interference voltages at high current networks.
Frequency range - from 0,15 MHz to 30 MHz.

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TK 15 (ТК 15)

available: 6 pieces
TK 15 probe image.

TK 15 probe is part of the measuring kits of FMA 11, which are designed for selective measurement component of the field strength and field strength of radio interference.
Execution - 10 kOhm.

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ZS 11

available: 2 pieces
ZS 11 image of accessory set.

ZS 11 accessory set included in the measurement kits of FSM 11.
Depending on the layout of measuring kits, accessories sets are compared in accordance with it, divided into ZS 11-1 (transformative and transforming coaxial link, RF adapters, RF connecting cable, adapter cable) and ZS 11-5 (attenuator and voltage probe) .

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to the SMV, RFT (Germany) LE 37 coaxial cable connection

available: 185 pieces
Coaxial cable connection to the SMV, RFT (Germany) LE 37 cable image.

    Coaxial cable connection to the SMV, RFT (Germany) LE 37 is designed to transmit high-frequency signals between the two measuring devices or other equipment. Also used for measurement, calibration and testing of various types of radio devices.

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Cables to SMV, NNB and other devices

LE 58 cable image.

By type of instrument SMV, NNB and their accessories are presented cables types LE and ÜK battery, battery-connecting, RF instrumentation, RF connector, coaxial, transition, connecting, networking, connecting to the object under test, control types, and other accessories: termination resistor, RF adapter.

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Платы ремонтные

available: 456 pieces

Платы ремонтные используются в качестве комплектующих для различных измерительных приборов.

Только у нас Вы найдете более 100 различных типов плат для ремонта и комплектации приборов.

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Boxes GB

available: 8 pieces

GB instrument boxes are harmless for transportation equipment with accessories even when the mechano-dynamical loads.
Types of instrument boxes: GB 11, GB 12, GB 14, GB 15-1, GB 16, GB 18.

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coaxial cable connection to the SMV, RFT (Germany) LE 37ZS 11