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AP 1

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Connection board AP 1

Also, this device can be called: AP1, AP-1, АР1, АР-1.

AP 1 connecting board provides a fast connection to the source of interference terminal strip.



- High-wire connection with double shielding type LE 56 (Z - 50 Ohm).

- High-frequency cable connector Series 7/16.

The distance between the mounting holes 4 AP 1 board - 310x122 mm.

Connection type equivalent network NNB 103 connection board type AP 1 occurs by attaching clamp connections within the AP-1, through the connecting wire type LE 56, a high-frequency coaxial socket blocks located on the front panel.

Connection board AP 1 to connect the source of interference is available after opening the lid of the instrument.

If necessary, connect the protective grounding wire for connecting pay.

The manufacturer warrants the conformity of the product AP 1 all the technical requirements provided the customer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation of installed documentation manuals.

Photos: AP 1

AP 1 device image.
AP 1 device image.
AP 1 front view.
AP 1 front view.
AP 1 side view.
AP 1 side view.