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Radiometric devices >> belongings to the selective voltmeters SMV

Boxes GB

8 pieces
It is possible effectively delivery of any quantity.

Instrument boxes GB

GB instrument boxes are harmless for transportation, even when the mechano-dynamical loads.

Specifications GB:

The types of device boxes in the table.

Instrument boxes



Overall dimensions

GB 11

selective microvoltmeter type SMV 11 (FSM 11 A101 and FSM 11 A103) with accessories TC 12-1 and ZS 11-1

28 kg

744x689x420 mm

GB 12

antenna field strength measurement type FMA 11

23 kg

724x689x370 mm

GB 14

equivalent network type NNB 12

23,5 kg

724x689x396 mm

GB 15-1

dummy type ANB 1;

voltage probes type TK 11-1, TK 12-1;

tool for measuring current interference type SMZ 11-1;

Accessory kit type ZS 11 in accordance with the measurement set

17,5 kg

724x689x185 mm

GB 16

equivalent network type NNB 13

8,5 kg

350x340x320 mm

GB 18

equivalent network type NNB 11 and NNB 111


Degree of protection - IP 31 on TGL CMEA 778; protection from drops of water and foreign bodies - not less than 2,5 mm.

Temperature range - from -25° C to +45° C.

Storage and transport:

Ambient temperature range - from -40° C to +55° C.

Relative humidity - 95%.

Maximum pressure steam - 4000 ps.

Maximum duration of transport - 4 months.