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AK 101

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Junction box AK 101

Also, this device may be referred to: AK101, AK-101, AK 1O1, АК 101, АК101, АК-101.

AK 101 junction box in conjunction with four probes type TK 102 measures the voltage noise on the individual wires four-wire network.

With AK 101 connects one of the four measurement locations to the measuring receiver.

Specifications AK 101:

Frequency range - from 0.15 MHz to 30 MHz.

Fuse (each measuring circuit) - 0.1 A.

Load resistance boxes - 75 ohms.

Isolation between measurement lines - not less than 20 dB.

Maximum voltage - 6 V.

Log - BNC 50-2-a1.

Output - C 75-0-f1.

Weight - 600 g.

Dimensions - 160x120x45 mm.

Temperature range - from -10° C to +45° C.

Mode - continuous.

Class implementation - T II.

Storage and transport conditions AK 101:

Temperature range - from -40° C to +55° C.

Maximum allowable pressure steam for a period of not more than 500 hours - 35 Torr.

Mechanical strength (impact):

- Duration of the shock - 6 ms;

- Maximum acceleration - 120 m/s2;

- The number of strokes - 1000.

The manufacturer warrants the appropriate terminal box AK 101 all the technical requirements provided the customer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation of installed documentation manuals.