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N351 Phase Shift H351 recording.


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Phase Shift N351 recording (N 351, N-351)
N351 recording phase meter is designed to measure and record the connections cosφ 50Hz.
Accuracy class - 2.5.
Dimensions - 160h160h340mm.
Technical characteristics of the devices phasemeter N351 recorders:
Measurement range - 0.5 emk.-1-0, 5ind.;
Rated voltage of the device phase meter N351 recording - 100V, 127V, 220V, 280V;
Current - 5A;
Writing with ink in curvilinear coordinates with the working width of the chart - 80mm;
Chart speed recording device phase meter N351 - 20 mm / h, 60 mm / h, 180 mm / h, 600 mm / h, 1800mm / h, 5400mm / h;
Drive - synchronous motor 127V or 220V, 50Hz;
Terms of use of the appliance phase meter N351 recording:
- Temperature - from +5 º C to +50 º C;
- Relative humidity - less than 80%;
Phase meter recording device dimensions N351 - 160h160h340mm;
Weight - 8kg;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument phase meter N351 recording technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.