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N306 (H306)

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Plotter of dependency N306

Also this device may be referred to: N-306, N 306, H306, H-306, H 306.


N306 plotter of dependency intended for registration according to two related physical quantities converted into an electrical signal - DC voltage.


Scope: conducting various kinds of research work in various industries, controlling and regulating devices, check the results from the output of analog computers, and with the appropriate converters - output digital computers.


Specifications N306:


Dimensions of field recording schedule:

- channel «X» - 30 cm;

- channel «Y» - 20 cm.

Diagrammatic sheet sizes - 22×33 cm.


Calibrated scale registration, registration and limits the input resistances correspond to the values indicated in the table below:


Scale register Limits registration Input impedance
channel «X» channel «Y»
0,10 mV/cm
0,25 mV/cm
0,50 mV/cm
1 mV/cm
2,50 mV/cm
5 mV/cm
10 mV/cm
25 mV/cm
3 mV
7,5 mV
15 mV
30 mV
75 mV
150 mV
300 mV
750 mV
2 mV
5 mV
10 mV
20 mV
50 mV
100 mV
200 mV
500 mV
not less than 1 MOhm
not less than 2,5 MOhm
not less than 5 MOhm
not less than 10 MOhm
not less than 25 MOhm
not less than 50 MOhm
not less than 100 MOhm
not less than 250 MOhm
0,05 V/cm
0,10 V/cm
0,25 V/cm
0,50 V/cm
1 V/cm
2.50 V/cm
5 V/cm
10 V/cm
1.5 V
3 V
7,5 V
15 V
30 V
75 V
150 V
300 V
1 V
2 V
5 V
10 V
20 V
50 V
100 V
200 V
(1±0,01) MOhm


In plotter N306 provides smooth zooming registration with the multiplicity of overlapping each scale not less than two.

Nonlinear static characteristics - 0,2% of the detection limit.

Variation readings - 0,1% of the detection limit.

Static accuracy devices with divider and preamplifier on all scales registration on both channels - ±0,5% of detection limit.

The maximum speed of the recording device - not less than 75 cm/s.

Direct check-in time - not more than 0,05 seconds.

Overshoot on each channel after a sudden change of input signal from zero to a value equal to the limits of registration - no more than 5% of the steady-state value.


Nonidentity phase-frequency characteristics of the channels «X» and «Y»:

- at a frequency of 0,1 Hz - 0,35 deg.;

- at a frequency of 0,5 Hz - 0,7 deg.;

- at a frequency of 1 Hz - 1 deg.;

- at a frequency of 2 Hz - 2 deg.

To register, depending y=f(t) is provided with a calibrated time base scale of 0,25 s/cm, 0,5 s/cm, 1,0 s/cm, 2,5 s/cm, 5,0 s/cm; 10 s/cm; 25/cm; 50 s/cm.

Duration timebase - 7,5 s; 15 s; 75 s; 150 s; 300 s; 750 s; 1500 s.


Timebase error:

- on the scale of 25 s/cm and 50 s/cm - not more than ±1,5% of the duration of the sweep;

- on the other scale - less than ±0,5% of the duration of the sweep.


Nonlinearity timebase on all scales - not more than 0.5% of the duration of the sweep.

Zero offset N306 device with power preamplifier 8 hours of continuous operation - not more than 30 mV.

To suppress the dc component of the input signal on both channels provided stepwise displacement of ±20 cm; ±40 cm.

Blending accuracy - not more than 1 cm.

Warm-up time after the unit is turned to the supply network - 15 min to block the preamp and scanner - 30 min.

The device provides a smooth installation of the initial position of the recording device anywhere in the chart.

Fixing chart provided by the electrostatic field.

The instrument provides an opportunity to raise the pen while recording and remote control lifting the pen.


N306 device isolation withstand for 1 min test voltage:

- between the body and insulated from the housing dc measuring circuits - 1 kV DC;

- between the housing and the housing chain isolated from the mains supply 1,5 kV RMS AC 50 Hz.

Insulation resistance at ambient temperature (20+5)° C and 80% relative humidity:

- between the housing and connected together-pin power - not less than 40 MOhm;

- between the housing and input connected with the plus and minus terminals - not less than 100 MOhm (for each channel).


When working in an upright position plotter N306 has no indications of changes and disturbance recording.

Power consumption - not more than 70 V·A.

MTBF - not less than 3750 hours.

Average life - 7 years.

Unit dimensions - not more than 440×475×145 mm.

Weight plotter N306 - not more than 15 kg.


Operating conditions plotters N306:


Ambient temperature - from +10° C to +35° C.

Relative humidity at +25° C - 80%.

Supply voltage - from 187 V to 222 V.

Supply frequency - 50 Hz.

Devices made for deliveries to countries with tropical climates, are designated N306T4.1.

Photos: N306 (H306)

N306 (H306) device image.
N306 (H306) device image.
N306 (H306) view panel of the device.
N306 (H306) view panel of the device.
N306 (H306) side view.
N306 (H306) side view.
N306 (H306) side view.
N306 (H306) side view.
N306 (H306) side view.
N306 (H306) side view.
N306 (H306) bottom view.
N306 (H306) bottom view.