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    Megger M127
    Also, this device may be called: M-127, M 127, m127, m-127, m 127.
    Megohmmeter M127 - a portable system is designed to measure the insulation resistance of electrical networks of direct and alternating current frequency to 80Hz, energized and de-energized networks.
    Devices are also used to measure the resistance of various kinds verification schemes, and other operations as a megger with a nominal voltage measuring circuit 220.
    Scale type M127 - uniform, indicating system - analog direct-reading. Housing - splash-proof.
    The measuring device consists of a magneto ratiometer with two crossed borders, so that the readings are virtually independent of the voltage given by the rectifier. For devices have protection circuits of the overload by fuses of 0.25 A.

    Specifications M127

    Dimensions - 215x271x132 mm.
    Scale length - 110 mm.
    The angle scale of - 90 °.
    Accuracy class - 1.5.
    Supply voltage - 24V.
    Supply frequency - 50 Hz.

    Voltage controlled network:
    - DC - 0-320V;
    - AC - 0-400V.
    Power consumption M127 - 5W 12V from the monitored network.

    - The working end of the scale - 0 to 2 MW;
    - The highest numerical scale mark - 10MOm.
    Changes display megohmmeter M127 can be caused by:
    - Changing the position of the device in any direction from the normal position at 30 ° (the value of reading changes - no more than ± 1,5% of the length of the working part of scale);
    - The influence of an external magnetic field of a single-phase 400 A / m, formed by a current of the same kind as the current flowing through the DUT, under the most unfavorable phase and the direction of the field (the change of indications - no more than ± 1% of the length of the working part of the scale);
    - Ambient air temperature deviation from normal (+20 ± 5 ° C) to any temperature within the operating temperature (the value of reading changes - no more than ± 0,8% of the length of the working end of the scale for each 10 ° C change in temperature);
    - Installation of the devices on a ferromagnetic base thickness of 3 mm (change of testimony - ± 0,5% of the length of the working part of scale);
    - Frequency deviation from the nominal value by ± 10% (change of indications - ± 1,5% of the length of the working part of scale);
    - Deviation from the funeral voltage values ​​by ± 10% (change of indications - ± 0,5% of the length of the working part of the scale).
    Measuring mechanism megaohmmeter M127 and all the details of the scheme are available on the device cast slab. The scale of the meter is on the front side, clips, grip "Adjust" button "Measure", signal lamp and fuse as well. On the side of the outer wall of the housing is a block for connection of the power supply.
    The wire used to connect to the power supply is provided with a plug for inclusion in the ship's network 24B. The devices are designed for short-term inclusion in the network, so after measuring their production should immediately turn off. Include both network Megger two should not be, since the readings of both instruments will be incorrect.
    Devices M127 withstand short-term (up to 5 s) overload double the rated current or rated voltage.

    Operating conditions of devices M127

    Temperature from -40 ° C to +50 ° C.
    Relative humidity 98%.

  The steady-state temperature rise of all elements of the devices over an ambient temperature caused by the heat load equal to the rated current and rated voltage of not more than:
    50 ° C - for coils of wire, insulated cotton yarn, silk or nylon, impregnated with varnish, as well as for the windings of enameled wire;
    65 ° C - for coils of wires blame fleksovoy or vinyl-coated metal;
    80 ° C - for non-insulated live parts.

    The insulation resistance of electrical circuits devices megohmmeter M127 relative to the body at a temperature of +20 ± 5 ° C should not be less than:
    50MOm - relative humidity 80%;
    2 MW - relative humidity of 95 ± 3%.

    Operating position of all types of devices horizontal.
    Settling time moving part does not exceed 3 seconds.
    Weight M127 - 4.9 kg.

Photos: M127

M127 device image.
M127 device image.
M127 view panel of the device.
M127 view panel of the device.
M127 device image with the cover closed.
M127 device image with the cover closed.
M127 front view.
M127 front view.
M127 side view.
M127 side view.
M127 rear view.
M127 rear view.
M127 side view.
M127 side view.
M127 overhead view.
M127 overhead view.
M127 bottom view.
M127 bottom view.