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voltammeters ferrodynamic D128

Also, this device can be called: D 128, D-128
voltammeters ferrodynamic D128 portable designed for control of current and voltage in three-phase, 50 Hz.
Voltammeter D128 is a pointer instrument, which is calibrated scale in volts (upper scale) and amperes (lower scale).
Dimensions - 215h286h132 mm.
Accuracy class - 1.5.
Limits of measurement
Power consumption
In 0-30-150-300
4.5 V · A
In 0-450
6.75 V · A
A 0-2,5-5
1.25 V · A
0-25 A
2.5 V · A
0-50 A
5.0 V · A

Rated frequency - 50 Hz.
Grating angle - 90 °.
The length of the upper scale - 125 mm.
The length of the bottom of the scale - 115 mm.
Working part of the top of the scale - 115 mm.
Working part of the bottom of the scale - 105 mm.
Dimensions voltammetry D128 - 215h286h132 mm.
Weight - 5.5 kg.
Volt-ammeters D128 designed for simultaneous connection of circuits measured current and voltage measuring unit is connected using the integrated switch «AV» to measure either current or voltage.
Devices equipped ferrodinamicheskim measuring unit core and yoke, recruited from the electrical steel plates. The yoke put on the excitation coil that creates when it flows through the flow of magnetic flux. In the air gap between the core and the yoke moves the movable coil.
Interaction between the current flowing through the frame, and the magnetic flux in the air gap formed by the excitation coil creates a torque, with a pivoting frame attached to it by an arrow. Since the frame and the field coil are streamlined by the same current, the torque is proportional to the square of the current frame. Counteracting moment created by the coil springs that doubles as a power connection to the frame.
Various limits of current measurement obtained thanks to the integrated current transformer with a partitioned primary.
Switch «AV» is designed so that that the current transformer secondary winding is always closed or on winding measuring mechanism or shorted.

voltammeters ferrodynamic D128 made ​​in the steel body of the suitcase type, splashproof, with removable stainless steel lid.
Operating conditions voltammeter  D12 8:

The ambient air temperature - from -40 ° C to +50 ° C.
Relative humidity - 98%.
Operating position - horizontal.
Permissible tilt device - up to 30 °.
The package includes a device description, terms of use and passport.