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NK3-2AM (HK3-2AM)

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Coiling lathe NK3-2AM

Also, this device can be called: NK32AM, NK3 2AM, hk3-2am, hk32am, hk3 2am.

NK3-2AM coiling lathe is designed for winding coils of insulated conductors with mechanical layout turns.

Specifications NK3-2AM:

Chuck speed - up to 240 rev/min.

Maximum torque - 1600 N·m.

Direction of rotation of the chuck - reverse.

The stroke length by block - 700 mm.

Yield machine winding diameter - 800 mm.

Clamping force template - 4000 N.

The diameter of winding wires - from 0,5 mm to 8 mm.

Dimensions of the rectangular wire:

- Width - 2 mm to 8 mm;

- Thickness - from 0,5 mm to 5 mm.

Number of simultaneously wound wire - 1.

The maximum number of turns in the coil - 5000.

Drive - electromechanical.

Power tools - 3 kW.

Dimensions - 1770×1000×1610 mm.

Weight - 1400 kg.

Operating conditions NK3-2AM:

Ambient - 10º C to 35º C.

Air quality - not explosive.

- UHL.

Category placement - 4 according to GOST 15150-69.

Construction NK3-2AM:

- A bed;

- Headstock;

- Flip tailstock;

- Guide support;

- Drive unit faceplate;

- Electrical equipment;

- Pneumatic device for clamping cheeks template.

The principle of operation is based on a winding lathe through a rotating coil pattern layout of revolutions while running through the blocks, which moves along the axis of the template.

Winding can be performed in automatic and semi-automatic modes.

Coiling machines NK3-2AM can be used with:

- unwinding tension device - used for round conductors supplied in coils;

- tensioning device - insulated wire used for rectangular and circular ducts at the reel in one wire;

- unwinding devices - used for wires of rectangular and circular cross-section, on reels;

- tensioning device - for insulated wires of rectangular cross section in the 2-6 parallel winding wires.

Photos: NK3-2AM (HK3-2AM)

NK3-2AM (HK3-2AM) device image.
NK3-2AM (HK3-2AM) device image.