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RN-0,25 (PH-0,25)

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26 000 UAH

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Machine tool for of winding mini coils RN-0,25

Also, this device may be called: RN0,25, RN 0,25.


RN-0,25 machine tool for of winding mini coils is used for winding the coils in the conditions of large-scale and mass production.


Specifications RN-0,25:


Wire range - of from 0,01 mm to 0,25 mm.

Maximum spindle speed - 20000 rev/min.

Turns reading accuracy - ±1 turn.

Maximum reel diameter machine - 25 mm.

Maximum coil length - 50 mm.


Dimensions without unwinding tensioners - 540×410×330 mm.

Weight - 45 kg.




- microprocessor control system;

- electronic speed control spindle;

- mechanical variator for pitch control;

- modular design;

- local lighting and socket for soldering.


For machines RN-0,25 programmed:

- the total number of turns of the coil;

- the number of turns at low speed at the end of the winding;

- returns the blocks on the cheek at the end of a given winding;

- the intensity of the acceleration of the spindle rotation speeds.


Operating conditions RN-0,25:


Ambient - 15º C to 30º C.

Spindle drive - 0,25 kW.

Voltage - 220 V.

The frequency - 50 Hz.

Air quality - not explosive.

Climatic performance machines - UHL.

Category placement - 4 according to GOST 15150-69.

Photos: RN-0,25 (PH-0,25)

RN-0,25 (PH-0,25) machine tool image.
RN-0,25 (PH-0,25) machine tool image.