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Tensioning device

Also, this device can be called: 9318800000, 93188 00000, 93-188-00-000. tensioning device is used to create tension force of round and rectangular wire with glass fiber insulation during winding.


Way to create tension - winding wire on pritormozhenny drum.

The number of installed wires - 1 pcs.

Braking torque devices - from 0 Nm to 150 Nm.

Brake drum diameter - 250 mm.

Dimensions - 537×475×1058 mm.

Unit Weight - 188 kg.

Limiting parameters of the workpiece

Wire - isolated, rectangular and circular ducts.

Size of the rectangular cross section wire - 5 mm2 to 60 mm2.

Rectangular wire size:

- Thickness - 5 mm;

- Width - 12,5 mm.

Sectional area of round wire - from 3,14 mm2 to 50,2 mm2.

Tensioning device can be used with coiling machines:

- NK3-2A; NK3-2AM; NK3-2AM1 - designed for winding coils of insulated conductors with mechanical layout of turns;

- NSh8-2A - designed for coiling without mechanical layout of turns;

- NK5-4A - designed for winding coils of wire round and rectangular sections without mechanical layout turns.

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