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Coiling lathe NSh8-2A

Also, this device can be called: NSh82A, NSh8 2A.

NSh8-2A coiling lathe is designed for coiling without mechanical layout turns.

Specifications NSh8-2A:

Chuck speed - up to 275 r/min.

Maximum torque - 1600 N·m.

Direction of rotation of the chuck - reverse.

Faceplate diameter - 500 mm.

Yield machine winding diameter - 1800 mm.

Diameter of winding wires - up to 6 mm.

Dimensions of the rectangular wire:

- Width - 2 mm to 10 mm;

- Thickness - 2 mm to 5 mm.

Power tools - 2,5 kW.

Voltage - 380 V.

The frequency - 50 Hz.

Dimensions - 1115×880×1430 mm.

Weight - 970 kg.

Operating conditions NSh8-2A:

Ambient - 15º C to 30º C.

Air quality - not explosive.

- UHL.

Category placement - 4 according to GOST 15150-69.

Construction NSh8-2A:

- A bed;

- Headstock;

- Mechanical counter number of turns;

- Drive control templates;

- Electrical equipment.

The principle of operation of the lathe is based on coil winding on a rotating pattern. Schematic diagram of the spindle drive provides smooth starting and stopping the spindle. Machine control system provides protection and blocking from short circuit and overload. Perhaps both soft and manual control of the machine.

Coiling machines NSh8-2A can be used with:

- unwinding tension device - used for round conductors supplied in coils;

- tensioning device - insulated wire used for rectangular and circular ducts at the reel in one wire;

- unwinding devices - used for wires of rectangular and circular cross-section, on reels;

- tensioning device - for insulated wires of rectangular cross section in the 2-6 parallel winding wires.

Photos: NSh8-2A

NSh8-2A device image.
NSh8-2A device image.