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Backlash-detector LD-16000R + 25 600 RUB. as a GIFT (devices for TI, breathalyzer, dosimeters ...)

128 000 RUB

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It is possible effectively delivery of any quantity.

technical documentation on backlash detector LD-16000R:

LD-16000R passport.


[pdf, 1.3MB]
LD-16000R backlash detector manual.


[pdf, 1.8MB]
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You get a discount of 20% from cost devices. For example, buying a unit for 30 000 rubles, you are guaranteed to get a gift equipment for inspection in the amount of 6 000 rubles.

    Duration of action and the number of devices is limited.

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    Backlash-detector LD-16000R - a product that is designed to test the shock absorber and supports, ball joint suspension, engine mount support arm suspension, steering rods, wheel bearing, etc. passenger and goods vehicles.

    Also this device can be called: LD16000R; LD 16000r, LD 16000 R, LD-16000-R.


    The maximum load on the platform - 8000kg.
    The course area - no more than 80mm.
    Motion control of mobile platforms - manual.

    Overall dimensions:
    - The moving platform - 925×700×34 mm;
    - Platform - 1060×1114×311mm.
    Weight - 160 kg.
    Backlash-detector LD-16000R used to transport companies, technical control centers and service stations. The product is designed for operation in industrial premises and can be installed as a car-lift, and the viewing hole.
    Specifications LD-16000R

    Efforts to stem - 1900kgs, the force on the lever - 35kgs - 40kgs. Backlash-detector LD-16000R uses power from a source of 380V.

    Backlash-detector LD-16000R designed for use in the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature - from -10 ᵒ C to +40 ᵒ C;
    - Relative humidity - 80%;
    - Atmospheric pressure - 86kPa - 106kPa.

    Average life LD-16000R - 8 years.
    The manufacturer guarantees that the device LD-16000r technical requirements under normal use, storage, transportation and installation.
    Backlash-detector LD-16000R meet the requirements for ensuring safety of life, health, consumer and environmental protection.

Photos: LD-16000R

LD-16000R backlash-detector image.
LD-16000R backlash-detector image.
LD-16000R backlash-detector image.
LD-16000R backlash-detector image.
LD-16000R detector backlash certificate of conformity, Russia.
LD-16000R detector backlash certificate of conformity, Russia.