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Tester slip wheels TU-15000 designed to control and receive the rectilinear motion of all axes trucks.

    Also, this tester can be called: TU 15000, TU15000, ty-15000, ty 15000, ty15000.


    Testers measure the magnitude of the slip, which occurs due to incorrect wheel alignment or suspension geometry changes in the exchange.



    The device is TU-15000 consists of slip pad, controller and PC. Playground slip - is measuring and unloading platforms installed at floor level in the basement.
    Maximum axle load - 15000 kg.
    Measuring range - ± 20 m / km.

    Graduation indicator - ± 0,1 m / km.
    Error - no more than ± 0,2 m / km.
    Dimensions of the area - 1000h800h100 mm.
    Weight Tester TU-15000 - 192 kg.
    Measurements conducted slip during vehicle traveling at low speed (5.3 km / h) through the test platform, TU-15000. Power moves the lid side effects connected to the carriages, which in turn act on the sensor. The controller converts the displacement sensor into an electrical signal which is transmitted to the PC.
    Checking slip car wheels carried out by two operators - operator-driver and the operator PC.
    The measurement results are displayed on the PC monitor, which is part of the brake tester.
    TU-15000 slip testers can be used in conditions:
    - Ambient temperature - from -30 ° C to +50 ° C;
    - Atmospheric pressure - from 75.6 kPa to 106.7 kPa;
    - Relative humidity at +25 ° C - up to 100%.

Photos: TU-15000

TU-15000 tester slip wheels.
TU-15000 tester slip wheels.