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technical documentation on backlash detector LD-4000P:

LD-4000P backlash detector passport.


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LD-4000P backlash detector manual.


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    Backlash detector LD-4000P - equipment for checking backlash in detail steering and suspension vehicle up to 4000 kg.

    Also this device can be called: LD4000P; LD 4000P, LD 4000 P, LD-4000-P.

    Video of the backlash detector LD-4000


The maximum load on the platform - 2000kg.
The maximum axial load - 4000kg.
The drive of the movable platform - air.
Motion control - remote.
Power consumption - 2.2 kW.
- Mobile sites - 805 × 630 × 25mm;
- Platform - 860 × 930 × 200mm.
Weight of the platform - 86kg.

Backlash detectors LD-4000P operate on the principle of forced movement of the front wheels of the car and visually determine backlash hardpoints car.
Backlash detector LD-4000P is used for checking on cars gaps in attachment joints ball joint suspension of the support arm, shock absorbers and bearings, rod end, wheel bearing, engine mount. Usually LD-4000P used on items of maintenance, technical control centers, transport companies.

Structural features of LD-4000P

Backlash detectors LD-4000P  consist of permanently installed platforms, power boards and lamps incorporated with remote control.
Platform LD-4000P has two boards: mobile and immobile. Between them there are anti-friction pads that are connected to the axis of the movable plate. AO movable plate-4000P moved by a pneumatic cylinder, which is attached to the movable and fixed plates.
Backlash detector LD-4000P has a remote-lantern that is designed to highlight the nodes being monitored and motion control pad with buttons on it.

Specifications LD-4000P

Backlash detector LD-4000P carry power from a single-phase AC 200 V ± 10%, 50Hz. Stroke Center site products:
- Left / Right - not less than 55 mm;
- Forward / backward - not less than 60 mm;
- Diagonally - not less than 80mm.

Backlash detector LD-4000P stands:
- Compressed air - no rougher 10kl;
- Pressure - 0.6 MPa - 0.65 MPa.

Photos: LD-4000P

LD-4000P backlash detector image.
LD-4000P backlash detector image.
LD-4000P backlash detector image.
LD-4000P backlash detector image.
LD-4000P detector backlash certificate of conformity, Russia.
LD-4000P detector backlash certificate of conformity, Russia.