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ТВ 2 стабилизатор

available: 2 pieces
device image.

ТВ 2 стабилизатор напряжения высоковольтный предназначается для использования в качестве источника питания постоянного напряжения и тока.

Класс точности - 1,5.

Выходное напряжение - от 0 до 1500 В.

Выходной ток - от 0 до 60 мкА.

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ТВ-3, 0-3кВ, 0-60мА

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6 000 RUB   |   1 640 UAH   |  available: 2 pieces
U1136 device image.

     Stabilizer U1136 (U 1136, U-1136; u1136; u 1136; u-1136; y1136; y 1136; y-1136)
     U1136 stabilizer device is used for powering the electric devices when they are tested for potentiometers, as well as in cases when it is necessary to have a highly stable continuously-variable DC voltage.
     Class stabilization - 0.02.
     Power - 250W.
     Smooth adjustment of output voltage: ± 0,02%.

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UIP-1 (УИП-1)

19 999 RUB   |   9 999 UAH   |  available: 7 pieces
UIP-1 (УИП-1) power supply image.
Universal power supply such as UIP-1 (UIP 1, UIP1)
Designed to power the anode, grid and screen circuits radio stabilized DC voltage and filament circuits unregulated AC voltage.
Provides the following output:
stabilized rectified voltage from 20V to 600V at up to 600mA load current and 0 to 400V at a current of 5 mA to the load;
unstabilized voltage variables:
2.15 V, 2.5 V, 4B and 5B with a load current up to 4A
12.6, 24 to 2.5 A
6.3 to 10A
6.3 to 25 A

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ТВ 2 стабилизаторЛИПС-2-30ИПС
TYP-30U1136UIP-1 (УИП-1)
VSP-50БПР-2Источник питания =24В
КБНС-4П4108РИП-2 (РИП 2, РИП2)

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