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VF0,4 (BF0,4)

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Terradynamic voltmeter VF0,4

Also, this device can be called: VF 0,4, VF-0,4, VF04, VFO-4, VFO 4.

VF0,4 terradynamic voltmeter is designed to measure AC voltage frequency from 350 Hz to 900 Hz in electric aircraft and is used in the field of defense and security.

Voltmeter consists of a measuring mechanism, base, bridge, cap, voltage transformer, the dial plate, casing, screen, base and lid.

Specifications VF0,4:

The upper limits of measurement - 45 V, 150 V, 450 V.

Rated frequency - 400 Hz.

Modifications voltmeters VF0,4 are shown in Table 1.


Table 1.





measurements, V


fission, V


measurements, V

Workspace, Hz
VF0,4-45 45 V 1,0 V from 18 V to 45 V from 300 Hz to 900 Hz
VF0,4-150 150 V 5,0 V from 60 V to 150 V from 350 Hz to 900 Hz
VF0,4-250 250 V 10,0 V 100 V to 250 V from 350 Hz to 900 Hz


Maximum permissible basic error in the measurement range voltmeters - no more than ±2%.

Maximum permissible error voltmeters, frequency caused by the change in the operating frequency range - less than ±3,5% of full scale value.

Maximum permissible error VF0,4 voltmeter, due to changes in position from the normal position at 45° in any direction - no more than ± 2% of scale length (1,5 mm).

Maximum permissible additional error voltmeters at ambient temperature deviation from the normal - no more than ±3,5% of full scale value.

Power consumption - no more than 4,5 V·A.

Weight voltmeters VF0,4:

- Voltmeters for 150 V- max 0,375 kg;

- Voltmeters for 45 V and 250 V - no more than 0,475 kg.


- Voltmeters at 150 V - 47,4x47,4x103mm;

- Voltmeters at 45 V and 250 V - 47,4x47,4x131mm.

Assigned resource voltmeters:

- In operation on passenger and cargo planes - 30,000 hours of flight time;

- The operation of helicopters - 12000 hours of flight time;

- On other aircraft - 10,000 hours of flight time.

Operating conditions VF0,4:

The ambient air temperature - from -60° C to +60° C.

The relative humidity of the ambient air at a temperature of (40±3)° C - (95±3)%.

Permanent vibration acceleration - from 1 m/s 2 to 3 m/s 2.

Altitude - up to 25 km.

Photos VF-04

VF0,4 front view (scale).
VF0,4 front view (scale).
VF0,4 side view (casing depth).
VF0,4 side view (casing depth).
VF0,4 rear view (connection).
VF0,4 rear view (connection).