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V-1 (B-1)

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    Voltmeter V-1 (B-1, V 1; v-1; v 1; v 1)
    Voltmeter V-1 (B-1) - portable electrostatic shield device for measuring voltage DC networks.
    Measurement range - 0-30V.
    Accuracy class - 2.
    Overall dimensions - 47 × 47 × 79mm.
    Weight 0.25 kg.

Specifications V-1 (B-1)

    Voltmeter V-1 (B-1) has a scale length 65mm, the angle of which is 240 º. The insulation resistance of V-1 (B-1):
    - Relative humidity of 30% -80% - 20MOm;
    - At a relative humidity of (95 ± 3)% - 1 Mohm.
    Settling time voltmeter B-1 - no more than 4s.

Terms of use of the appliance

    Voltmeters V-1 (B-1) are designed to work indoors at ambient temperatures from -60 ° C to +50 ° C, relative humidity of 80%. The unit V-1 (B-1) is sensitive to shocks and vibrations.
    Voltmeters V-1 (B-1) stand such stresses:
    - The vibration acceleration of 1,5 g with a frequency range of 20Hz to 80Hz;
    - 10000 shaking punches with maximum acceleration 4g at frequency of 60 beats per minute to 100.

Photos В-1

V-1 (B-1) device image.
V-1 (B-1) device image.
V-1 (B-1) front view (scale).
V-1 (B-1) front view (scale).
V-1 (B-1) side view (casing depth).
V-1 (B-1) side view (casing depth).
V-1 (B-1) rear view (connection).
V-1 (B-1) rear view (connection).