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Voltammeter VA-240 (VA 240, VA240)
Designed to measure voltage and current in an electrical network consists of the device, measuring shunt at 60A plugs and wires with a cross section of 0.75 mm 2, which are soldered to the ends of lugs.
Dimensions - 60h93, 5mm.
Accuracy class - 2.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltammeter VA-240:
In the body of the instrument is set magnetoelectric mechanism propelling the arrow when the current or voltage in an electrical network of diesel.
Moving coil instrument mechanism voltammeter VA-240 closed face, inscribed with the scale with two rows of numbers: the top row of numbers from 0 to 30 for indications of pressure, lower from 0 to 60 in one direction and from 0 to 20 in another - for reading the current.
Needle deflection voltammeter VA-240 from 0 to the left shows the magnitude of discharge current, the deflection to the right - the magnitude of charging current.
To determine the voltage necessary to press the button at the bottom right of the cover unit, the arrow will show the voltage on the upper scale.
Below the arrow on the lid of the instrument voltammeter VA-240 has a screw adjustment indication arrows that you can set the arrow to the zero position when included batteries and engine is not running.
On the back of the unit voltammeter VA-240 has a connector with three pins to connect the outlet.
Measuring range - 20A-0A-60A/0V-30V.
The method of use, voltammeter VA-240 - Bypassed ShA-240/neposredstvenny.
Basic accuracy - ± 2%.
Scale unit voltammeter VA-240 - 5A/2V.
Temperature - from -50 º C to +50 º C.
Vibration acceleration device voltammeter VA-240 - up to 20m / s 2.
The frequency of vibration - 40Hz-50Hz.
Response time - 3 sec.
Overall dimensions
- Instrument voltammeter VA-240 - 60h93, 5 mm;
- Shunt - 85h26h25mm.
Weight, no more than:
- Instrument voltammeter VA-240 - 0.4 kg;
- Bypass - 0.1 kg.

Photos: VA-240

VA-240 voltammeter image.
VA-240 voltammeter image.
VA-240 delivery set.
VA-240 delivery set.
VA-240 front view (scale).
VA-240 front view (scale).
VA-240 side view (casing depth).
VA-240 side view (casing depth).
VA-240 rear view (connection).
VA-240 rear view (connection).
VA-240 side view (casing depth).
VA-240 side view (casing depth).