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Voltammeter VA-140 (VA 140, VA140)
Designed to measure current and voltage in DC.
Dimensions - 60h93, 5mm.
Accuracy class - 2.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltammeter VA-140:
Measuring range - 10A-0A-30A/0V-30V.
The method of use, voltammeter VA-140 - Bypassed ShA-140/neposredstvenny.
Basic accuracy - ± 2%.
Scale unit voltammeter VA-140 - 2A/2V.
Temperature - from -50 º C to +50 º C.
Vibration acceleration device voltammeter VA-140 - up to 20m / s 2.
The frequency of vibration - 40Hz-50Hz.
Overall dimensions
- Instrument voltammeter VA-140 - 60h93, 5 mm;
- Shunt - 85h26h25mm.
Weight, no more than:
- Instrument voltammeter VA-140 - 0.4 kg;
- Bypass - 0.1 kg.

Photos: VA-140

VA-140 voltammeter image.
VA-140 voltammeter image.
VA-140 front view.
VA-140 front view.
VA-140 side view.
VA-140 side view.
VA-140 rear view.
VA-140 rear view.
VA-140 side view.
VA-140 side view.