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    Scales automobile VA-20D-4 used to determine axle loads and total mass exchanges in static and in motion at speeds up to 60 km/h.


    Also, this device can be called: VA 20D-4, VA20D-4, VA20D4, VA 20D 4.
    Scales consist of four integrated platforms gruzopriemnyh, microprocessor controller and the control device.
    The platform has a rectangular shape and is based on the corners, strain gauges and sensors type BSS type WBK (CAS, Korea).
    Maximum load on the platform - 20 000 kg.
    Dimensions of each platform - 1000h600 mm.
    Accuracy class - 2.
    Specifications weights automotive VA-20D-4:
    Weigh in motion:
    - Minimum capacity - 500 kg;
    - Maximum capacity - 200 000 kg;
    - Readability - 10 kg;
    - Maximum speed through traffic through scales - is not limited to;
    - Direction of movement when weighing - bilateral.
    - Minimum capacity - 200 kg;
    - Maximum capacity - 20 000 kg;
    - Verification scale interval - 10 kg;
    - Number of scale divisions - 2000.
    Determination of axial loads on the web on the move:
    - The largest measuring range - 20 000 kg;
    - The smallest measuring range of axial load on the roadway - 500 kg;
    - Discrete - 10 kg;
    - Measuring range of speed - 1 km / h to 60 km / h;
    - Measuring range center distance - from 1.2 m to 12 m
    Power - 100 Watts.
    Warm-up time - no more than 5 minutes.
    Dimensions of each platform - 1000h600 mm.
    The weight of each platform - not more than 200 kg.
    Average life - 10 years.
    The principle of operation of automobile weights is to convert the elastic deformation of the elements during weighing tenzorezistornyh sensor into an electrical signal which varies with the mass of the vehicle. Signals from the sensors are processed by the microprocessor controller to a digital code, and is transmitted to the output device.
VA-20D-4 road scales the following functions:
    - Registration of axial loads on the road and mass of vehicles in static and in motion;
    - Define the type TC center distance and the speed at the weigh-in motion;
    - Automatic generation of database vehicle passing through the platform.
    Operating conditions:
    The ambient air temperature - from -40 ° C to +60 ° C.
    Voltage AC power - from 187 V to 242 V.
    Frequency AC power - 50 ± 1 Hz.