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UPI-3 (УПИ-3) Installing the breakdown test UPI-3.

UPI-3 (УПИ-3)

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    Installing the breakdown UPI-3 (UPI3; UPI 3)
    Installing the breakdown UPI 3 - product intended for testing insulation of electrical equipment and materials alternating sinusoidal voltage with frequency 50 Hz and DC voltage of negative polarity.

Installation breakdown UPI-3 used in electrical and power engineering. Thanks to the increased output current setting UPI-3 can be used to test AC voltage winding insulation of large electrical machines.

Specifications UPI-3

    Installing UPI-3 uses the power of single-phase sinusoidal AC voltage of 220 ± 20V, 50 ± 1Hz.

    Installing the breakdown UPI-3 is designed for use indoors or under cover. Operating conditions for the installation of UPI-3 as follows:
    - Ambient temperature - from +5 ° C to +40 ° C;
    - Relative humidity - up to 80% (at +20 ° C)
    - Atmospheric pressure - 84kPa - 106.7 kPa.
    The manufacturer warrants the installation breakdown UPI-3 correspond to the technical requirements under normal use, storage, transportation and installation.
    Installing UPI-3 complies with the requirements ensuring the safety of life, health, consumer and environmental protection.