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C42303/1 Wattmeter TS42303 / 1.


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Wattmeter C42303/1 (C-42303/1, C 42303/1, C423031, C42303-1, C42303 1)
Wattmeter C42303/1 is designed to measure active power in single-phase AC 50Hz, 60Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz.
Devices made on the basis of the electronic converter input signal into a signal of direct current and magnetoelectric device with vnutriramochnym magnet and moving part in the cores, placed in a single package.
Technical characteristics of the devices wattmeters C42303/1:
Wattmeter C42303/1 on the climatic conditions designed to operate in temperate and tropical climate with temperatures of -40 º C to +50 ° C and 95% relative humidity at 35 º C;
Wattmeter accuracy class - 1.5;
Power meter is vibration during acceleration 15m / s 2 at a frequency of 30Hz;
Wattmeter C42303/1 is a high impact on acceleration 70m / s 2 the frequency from 10 to 50 beats per minute;
Power meter can withstand transport shaking with acceleration 30m / s 2 the frequency from 80 to 120 beats per minute;
Wattmeter C42303/1 Overpressure consistently current and voltage equal to 120% of nominal value;
The duration of each overload 2years;
Power meter can withstand without damage short-term overload current and voltage:
a) Nine electric shock in excess of ten times the rated value, the duration of 0.5 seconds, with intervals of 1 min;
b) an electric shock in excess of ten times the nominal value for 5c;
c) a strike voltage exceeding twice the nominal value for 5c;
Rated voltage and current instrument power meter C42303/1, the method included in the circuit are shown in Table 1;
Table 1: Rated voltages and currents of the device power meter C42303/1, the method included in the circuit
Rated voltage, V
Rated current, A
Way to incorporate
1A, 5A
Through the current transformer
1A, 5A
Through the current transformer and voltage
Rated power factor cos j = 1;
Operation mode setup time wattmeter - no more than 15 minutes;
Limit of acceptable basic reduced error power meter device C42303/1 is ± 1,5% without taking into account the error of the measuring current transformer and voltage;
Normalizing the value in establishing the reduced error is assumed to be the upper limit of range;
Limit of acceptable evidence of variation is equal to the limit of acceptable polutorakratnomu basic error;
The deviation of the pointer device power meter C42303/1 from the zero scale of the cart with a smooth pointer to that point from the most remote from her notes of the scale does not exceed 0.7 mm;
Change the wattmeter readings caused by:
- Changing the position from its normal position in any direction at 5 °, does not exceed ± 0,75%;
- Deviation of the nominal voltage at ± 15%, less than ± 1,5%;
- The frequency deviation from the normal to the ± 10%, less than ± 1,5%;
- The influence of external homogeneous magnetic field of 0.4 kA / m, a time-varying sinusoidally with a frequency equal to the frequency of the current flowing through the measuring circuits of DUT power meter C42303/1, under the most unfavorable direction and phase of the magnetic field does not exceed ± 1 5%;
- The influence of power factor cos j = 0,5, does not exceed ± 1,5%;
- The simultaneous influence of the power factor and voltage does not exceed ± 3,0%;
- The influence of distortion of the AC curve with a coefficient of 20% distortion is less than ± 1,5%;
- The simultaneous influence of the power factor and frequency does not exceed ± 3,0%;
- Deviation of the ambient air temperature of 20 º C ± 5 º C to 50 º C (or -40 º C) for every 10 º C change in temperature does not exceed ± 1,2%;
- Deviation from the normal relative humidity of 30% -80% to 95% at 20 º C ± 5 ° C does not exceed ± 1,5%;
The insulation between the housing and insulated from the housing electric circuits unit wattmeter C42303/1 under normal conditions of use stands within 1 min of the test operation of the AC voltage 50 Hz ± 1 Hz, a value which is 2kV;
Isolation between series and parallel circuits in the power meter can withstand the action of 1min test voltage AC 50 Hz ± 1 Hz:
- 1.5 kW - for nominal voltages 100V, 127V, 220V;
- 2.0 kW - 380 V rated voltage;
The insulation resistance between the body and isolated electrical circuits of the device power meter C42303/1 - not less than 20 MW;
Power meter is designed to enable a current transformer, stand up, without breaking the measuring circuits overload for 2 s current equal to the value tridtsatikratnomu secondary current transformer;
Wattmeter C42303/1 is a panel meter, consisting of a pointer device magneto-electronic converter system and the active power in the DC signal, placed in a single package;
The measuring mechanism of the device power meter needle C42303/1 consists of a magnetic system (clips, magnetic) reading device (scale, index) and the movable part in the cores;
Dimensions - 120h120h95mm;
Weight - 0.75 kg;
Rate MTBF unit wattmeter C42303/1 - 32000ch. The service life of at least 10 years.