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Wattmeter D367, D367 kilovattmetr (D 367, D-367)
Wattmeter D367, D367 kilovattmetr designed to measure active and reactive power in AC circuits.
Dimensions - 120h120mm.
Accuracy class - 1.5.
Vibration resistant, vibration.
Technical characteristics of the devices wattmeters D367, D367 kilovattmetry:
Under the influence of mechanical devices are vibration resistant, vibration.
Accuracy class instruments wattmeter D367, D367 kilovattmetr - 1.5.
Measuring range: 0.6 W-2 ∙ 10 7 kW.
Rated active power factor of all instruments wattmeter D367, D367 kilovattmetr - cosφ = 1.
Rated Current - 5A.
Devices wattmeter D367, D367 kilovattmetr designed for direct connection to voltage 127V, 220V and 380V or via current transformers with secondary current 5A and 1A and a voltage measuring transformers with secondary voltages 100V.
Overall dimensions - 160x160mm.
Weight - 1.2 kg.
Operating time of devices wattmeter D367, D367 kilovattmetr failures is at least 33 000 hours.

Photos D367

D367 front view (scale).
D367 front view (scale).
D367 side view (casing depth).
D367 side view (casing depth).
D367 rear view (connection).
D367 rear view (connection).