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Ammeter T23M

Also this device can be called: T-23M, T 23M, T23-M, T-23-M, T 23 M.


T23M ammeter designed to measure current in AC circuits frequencies from 1 MHz to 30 MHz. Used with an additional device P23.

Dimensions - 60×60 mm.

Shaking and vibration resistance.


Specifications of ammeters T23M:


Measuring ranges - 1 A to 3 A, 1 A to 5 A 2 A to 10 A, 5 A to 20 A, 10 A to 30 A.


Basic accuracy:

- in the nominal frequency range from 1 MHz to 10 MHz - ±5%;

- in the extended frequency range from 10 MHz to 30 MHz - ±7%.


Settling time of the mobile device - no more than 6 seconds.

Scale ammeter T23M - uneven.

Operating position - horizontal, vertical.

Operating position of additional devices - any.


Variation in the ammeter T23M:

- caused by ambient temperature deviation from the normal - no more than ±2,5% for every 10°;

- under the influence of an external magnetic field of 400 A/m, when installing the device on a ferromagnetic shield or influenced placed back to back with him of the same device - no more than ±1%.


Minimum probability of failure of the device for 500 hours of testing - 0,7.

Confidence probability of failure of the device for 500 hours of testing - 0,8.

Diameter recessed portion meter - 57 mm.

Weight of ammeter without additional devices - 0,15 kg.

Weight of additional device - 0,35 kg.


Meter of ammeter T23M structurally designed in a plastic housing flush mounting. System unit - magneto. Measuring mechanism has within the framework magnet and mount the movable part on extensions. Measuring circuit ammeter T23M protected by metal screens.


Operating conditions T23M:


The ambient air temperature - from -40° C to +60° C.

Relative humidity at +35° C - 95±3%.


Additional P23 device, consisting of a high-frequency transformer and vacuum thermocouple, decorated in a metal casing, serving an electromagnetic shield that eliminates the influence of external fields.

Photos: T23M

T23M device image.
T23M device image.
T23M front view (scale).
T23M front view (scale).
T23M side view (casing depth).
T23M side view (casing depth).
T23M rear view (connection).
T23M rear view (connection).
T23M overhead view.
T23M overhead view.