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Ammeter T25M (T 25 M, T-25-M, T25 M, T25-M, T 25M, T-25M)
T25M ammeter designed to measure AC, 50 Hz and in an extended range of frequencies from 30 Hz to 7.5 MHz.
Dimensions - 60h60h56mm.
Accuracy class - 2.5.
Resistant to shaking, vibration.
Technical characteristics of the instrument ammeters T25M:
Devices can be made to work in a moderate (normal execution) and tropical climates (tropical version).
In the tropical version instruments designated T25MT.
Devices such as T25M and T25MT used at an ambient temperature of -40 º C to +60 ° C and relative humidity up to 95% (at 35 ° C).
In terms of resistance to mechanical stress device ammeter T25M refers to shaking and vibration.
Measuring range - 1A, 2A, 3A, 10A.
The main error of the instrument ammeter T25M - ≤ ± 2,5%.
Settling time moving part - ≤ 4s.
Working position of the device ammeter T25M - horizontal and vertical.
Working position of the thermometer - the horizontal.
The scale of the instrument ammeter T25M - irregular.
The change of reading due to the change of ambient temperature of 20 º C ± 5 ° C (class H) does not exceed ± 2% for every 10 degrees, under the influence of a uniform magnetic field VDC 400A / m and a uniform magnetic field of alternating current frequency 50Hz tension 400A / m and when the frequency from 50Hz to anyone within the extended frequency range - does not exceed ± 2,5% of full scale measurement range, and under the influence of the nearby of the same device, or install it on a ferromagnetic shield - does not exceed ± 0,5%.
Weight of device without ammeter T25M converter - no more than 0.15 kg, with a thermocouple - no more than 0.25 kg.
Devices are designed in a plastic dust-and splash-proof enclosure for flush mounting.
Mounting of thermocouple ammeter device T25M is produced by two M3 screws.Thermoelectric device measuring mechanism system with a separate thermocouple.
The minimum probability of failure-free operation of devices for 500 hours of testing not less than 0.7 at a confidence level of 0.9.

Photos T25M

T25M front view (scale).
T25M front view (scale).
T25M side view (casing depth).
T25M side view (casing depth).
T25M rear view (connection).
T25M rear view (connection).