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S96 (C96)

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    Kilovoltmeter S96 (S 96, S 96, S96, s 96; s-96)

    Kilovoltmeter S96 - trehpredelny electrostatic device for measuring voltage in DC and AC circuits in a wide range of frequencies.
    Measurement range - 7,5 kV - 15 kV - 30 kV.
    Accuracy class - 1.5.
    The frequency application - up to 20MHz.
    Overall dimensions - 280 × 600 × 240mm.
    Instrument weight - 11kg.
    Weight of the device with a case - 18 kg.

   Structural features of S96

Kilovoltmeter type S96 is a portable device trehpredelny electrostatic system with LED readout.
    Kilovoltmeters S96 operate on the principle of electrostatic interaction that occurs between two bodies are under stress with respect to each other. One of the interacting bodies is strengthened still in the housing and forms a fixed electrode of the electrostatic voltmeter. Second body interacts strengthened on the axis of the rotatable and forms a movable electrode voltmeter. The axis of the movable electrode device attached to the S96 stretching, twisting the elastic forces which cancel out the electrostatic forces between the electrodes.
    Calming the movement of that part kilovoltmeter S96 is braking currents arising in the sector of the mobile electrode when it is moved in a magnetic field of a permanent magnet.
    Kilovoltmeters S96 have low input capacitance and high insulation resistance, therefore the measurement of the DC voltage is practically no consumption.
    Kilovoltmeter S96 has a triple scale, according to the three outside dimensions. All three scales are mounted on a holder which is seated on the axis of the handle. At the same bracket mounted screens of frosted Plexiglas, which projected an image of the light pointer. Placed in front of the scale plate with a cutout on which marking.
    Kilovoltmeter S96 features a body cast from aluminum alloy. The case also serves as an electrostatic screen.

    Specifications S96

    At the limit of 30 kV device application is limited to the appearance of the corona S96, but not below 10 MHz frequency.    
    Kilovoltmeter S96 can prevent these changes indications:
    - When the ambient temperature is not more than ± 0,5% for every 10 ° C;
    - Under the influence of an external electric field at 40 kV / m, not more than ± 0,5%.
    Input capacity - less than 12pF. Natural frequency - more than 160 MHz. Settling time less than C96 unit is 4 seconds.

    Kilovoltmeter S96 stands following the insulation test voltage:
    - Between the high voltage terminal and the housing connected to the chain illuminator - 15kV at the limit of 7.5 kV, at the limit of 27kv and 15kv 45kv at the limit of 30 kV;
    - Between the chain and the illuminator housing unit - 2kV.
    Insulation resistance kilovoltmeters S96 at an ambient temperature of +15 ° C to +25 ° C and a relative humidity of 80% - at least 10 0GOm.

    Operating and Storage S96

    S96 devices are designed to operate at ambient temperatures from -10 ° C to +35 ° C and a relative humidity of 80%.
    Kilovoltmeters S96 should be stored in dry and clean rooms at a temperature of +10 ° C to +35 ° C and relative humidity up to 80%. In room air, which holds C96 should not be harmful impurities that cause corrosion.

Photos: S96 (C96)

S96 (C96) device image.
S96 (C96) device image.
S96 (C96) front view.
S96 (C96) front view.
S96 (C96) side view.
S96 (C96) side view.
S96 (C96) rear view.
S96 (C96) rear view.
S96 (C96) side view.
S96 (C96) side view.
S96 (C96) overhead view.
S96 (C96) overhead view.
S96 (C96) bottom view.
S96 (C96) bottom view.