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Oscilloscope S1-117/1 universal (S11171, S-1-117-1, S 1 117 1, c1-117/1, S-1117/1, S 1117/1, S1 117/1, c1117/1, c-1-117/1, c 1 117/1,c-1117/1, c 11117/1, c1 117/1)

Oscilloscope S1-117/1 with the universal bandwidth 15MHz 0MGts-shape is designed to study the electrical signals by visual observation and measurement of the amplitude and time parameters such as the scale of the CRT screen and a digital method.
Specifications Oscilloscopes  S1-117/1 universal:
Terms of use:
fever - 40 ° C Working;
limit - 50 ° C;
low temperature - Operating -10 ° C;
limit - the maximum -50 ° C;
humidity - 98% at 25 ° C.
Oscilloscope S1-117/1 retains its specifications within the standards established by TU, with food,
- The DC voltage 27 V ± 2,7 V for the embodiment of a power supply from 27V source to special order;
- AC 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1,5 Hz and 60 Hz ± 1,5 Hz and harmonic content up to 5%;
- AC 220V ± 22 V, the frequency of 400 Hz ± 10 Hz and harmonic content up to 5%, or from an AC voltage of 115 V ± 5 V, 50 Hz (instead of 400 Hz AC power - on special order).
The size of the screen of the oscilloscope S1-117/1 60x80mm;
Tract of vertical deflection provides the following modes:
- Observation of the signal from channel A;
- Observation of the signal from the channel B;
- The summation of signals from channels A and B;
- Dual-channel mode with synchronization channel A or B;
- Invert the signal channel B;
The coefficient of variation should be established fifteen calibrated provisions of 0.1 mV / div. to 5V/div. in respect of 1:2:5 and gradually increase relative to the calibrated positions by at least a factor of 2.5;
Maximum permissible error of deflection factors ± 4%, the maximum permissible error in the working conditions of application of ± 6%.
The rise time of less than 23ns HRP;
Settling Time HRP each channel does not exceed 170ns;
The limits of vertical movement of the beam relative to the center of the screen, working in each channel not less than 60mm.
Parameters input channel vertical deflection S1-117/1:
- With direct input Input resistance is 1 Mohm ± 0,02 MW, input capacitance 35pF max;
- With 1:10 divider input resistance of 1 MW ± 0,02 MW, the input capacitance of less than 17PF;
Permissible total value of the DC and AC voltages at the input of each channel closed vertical position of not more than 300 V, the open entrance not more than 100V, with 1:10 divider no more than 300V;
Decoupling coefficient S1-117/1 between the vertical deflection channels in the frequency range 15 Hz M - not less than 1000;
Tract horizontal deflection provides the following modes of operation - a self-oscillating waiting, single;
Sweep the instrument is set nineteen calibrated provisions of 5 ∙ 10 -7 s / div. to 0.5 s / div. in respect of 1:2:5. The device provides a smooth increase of sweep relative to the calibrated position of not less than 2.5 times;
In the oscilloscope S1-117/1 is provided tenfold stretching sweep;
Maximum permissible error sweep ± 4%;
Maximum permissible error of the coefficients in the sweep included "stretching" ± 5%;
Maximum permissible error in the sweep. Operating conditions ± 6%, and enabled "stretching" ± 7,5%;
Limits of movement of the horizontal beam combination provide beginning and end of the scanning line with the center of the screen;
Coefficient of variation of horizontal amplifier does not exceed 1V / div. The bandwidth ranges 20Hz to 1MHz;
Horizontal deflection path S1-117/1 provides the following types of synchronization:
- Synchronization of the signal channel A (B) in single-channel mode;
- Synchronization signal from Channel A or Channel B in dual-channel mode;
- Synchronization signals from channel A mode summation signal of channel A and channel B;
- Synchronization from an external source;
- Synchronization of the network;
- Internal clock staffing television signal;
Power consumed by the oscilloscope S1-117/1 of the network at the rated voltage does not exceed:
- ∙ A 50V from 220V, 115V mains;
- 45W DC power supply voltage of 27 V;
Dimensions - 273h180h465mm;
Mass of S1-117/1 - no more than 10kg.

Photos: S1-117/1

S1-117/1 oscilloscope image.
S1-117/1 oscilloscope image.
S1-117/1 front view.
S1-117/1 front view.
S1-117/1 side view.
S1-117/1 side view.
S1-117/1 rear view.
S1-117/1 rear view.
S1-117/1 side view.
S1-117/1 side view.
S1-117/1 overhead view.
S1-117/1 overhead view.
S1-117/1 bottom view.
S1-117/1 bottom view.