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Oscilloscope N071.4M svetoluchevoy (N0714M, N-071-4M, N071,4M, N 071 4M, N071-4M, N071 4M)
Oscilloscope N071.4M svetoluchevoy intended for registration of the light beam on the photographic paper recording the UV (or similar in its properties the recording medium), time-varying electric and non-electrical quantities, converted to electric.
Technical characteristics of the devices oscilloscopes N071.4M svetoluchevye:
Oscilloscopes operate under the following environmental conditions:
- Ambient temperature - 10 º C to 35 ° C;
- Relative humidity - up to 80% at 25 ° C.
The number of channels - 12.
The length of the light beam from a mirror galvanometer to the recording medium - 300mm ± 30mm.
The width of the recording media device oscilloscope N071.4M svetoluchevoy - 120mm, 150mm, 200mm.
The speed of the recording medium - 0.1 mm / s, 0.2 mm / s and 0.5 mm / s, 1 mm / s, 2 mm / s, 5 mm / s, 10mm / s, 20mm / s, 50mm / s 100mm / s ; 200mm / s 500mm / s, 1000 mm / s, 2000 mm / s, 5000 mm / sec.
Notes. At the speed of 5000mm / s maximum length of the recording medium UV-67-100, UFS-100, UFS-1M-100 is not more than 25m, and the recording medium UV-67-135 - less than 15m.
The device is an oscilloscope N071.4M svetoluchevoy provide the ability to set an arbitrary value of the speed of the recording media from the internal reference voltage in the range from -30% to +50% of each of the discrete values ​​of speed, but speed of 0.1 mm / s and 5000 mm / sec.
For speeds of 0.1 mm / s and 5000 mm / s arbitrary values ​​of the rates provided in the range of 50% and 30% respectively.
The device N071.4M svetoluchevoy oscilloscope provides the ability to remotely set the speed of the recording medium in the entire speed range with an external adjustable voltage reference with an output voltage of 0V to +10 V and the current carrying capacity of not more than 10mA.
The deviation of the velocities of the recording medium from the nominal values ​​does not exceed:
- ± 15% - for speeds of 0.1 mm / s, 0.2 mm / s, 0.5 mm / s, 1 mm / s, 2 mm / s;
- ± 5% - for speeds of 5 mm / s, 10mm / s, 20mm / s, 50mm / s, 5000 mm / s;
- ± 3% - for other speeds.
The value of the reference voltage (U o) an oscilloscope device N071.4M svetoluchevoy - 56V.
Limit the write speed 1000 m / s for the recording media of UV-67-135 or UV-67-100 and 1500 m / s for the UFS 100 and UFS-W-100.
Intervals of time stamping device oscilloscope N071.4M svetoluchevoy - 0.01, 0.02 s; 0.1 and 0.2 s, 1.2 s; 10s, 20s, 100c.
Maximum permissible relative error of timer is less than ± 0,05%.
Durations of registration - 0.4; 1c, 2c, 4c, 10c, 20c, 40c, 100c, 200c, 400C.
Deviation of the time of registration from the nominal values ​​does not exceed ± 5% at intervals of 0.4 s, 1s and 2s, and ± 1% at other intervals.
The maximum length of the recording medium 50 m paper UV-67-100, UFS-W-100, or UFS-100 and 30 m for UV-67-135.
Low temperature control of the magnetic block device oscilloscope N071.4M svetoluchevoy - 55 º C ± 2 ° C.
Power supply 220 V ± 22 V AC, 50 Hz ± 0,5 Hz.
The maximum active power consumed by the device oscilloscope N071.4M svetoluchevoy in operation - 420Vt.
MTBF oscilloscopes based maintenance, regulated the instruction manual - at least 2,000 hours.
Fixed-failure operating time oscilloscopes at least 200 hours with the confidence level of at least 0.9.
Average recovery time oscilloscope instrument uptime N071.4M svetoluchevoy - no more than 12 hours.
Specified service life of oscilloscopes to the cancellation of at least 3 years with a level of confidence not less than 0.9.
Average life instrument oscilloscope svetoluchevoy N071.4MM to the cancellation of at least 10 years.
Overall dimensions
- Oscilloscopes - 382x240x535mm;
- Remote control - 80x135x59mm.
Unit weight oscilloscope N071.4M svetoluchevoy:
- Unit - 29kg;
- Attachment device podmatyvayuschego -1.5 kg;
- Remote control - 0.5 kg.
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument oscilloscope N071.4M svetoluchevoy technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos N071.M

N071.4M (H071.4M) device image.
N071.4M (H071.4M) device image.
N071.4M (H071.4M) front view.
N071.4M (H071.4M) front view.
N071.4M (H071.4M) side view.
N071.4M (H071.4M) side view.
N071.4M (H071.4M) rear view.
N071.4M (H071.4M) rear view.