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S1-78 (c1-78)

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Oscilloscope S1-78 universal (S178, S-1-78, S 1 78, S1-78, S-178, S 178, S1 78, c178, c-1-78, c 1 78, c-178, c 178 , c1 78)
Oscilloscope S1-78 is designed for universal visual observation of the form of electrical signals and measuring their parameters.
Applied to automation control.
Technical characteristics of the devices Oscilloscope S1-78 universal:
Number of beams (channels) CRT - single beam;
The range of measured voltage - 15mV-300V;
The range of measured device oscilloscope S1-78 universal time intervals - 0.04 ms-5s;
Bandwidth - 0MGts-35MGts;
The rise time of HRP - 10 ns;
Measurement error of the instrument oscilloscope S1-78 universal amplitude of the signal - no more than 5%;
Accuracy of measurement of time intervals - not more than 5%;
Release of HRP on - no more than 3%;
The line width of the beam apparatus oscilloscope S1-78 Universal - 0.8 mm;
Screen Area - 100h80mm;
The voltage supply network - 220V, 50Hz or 115V (220V), 400 Hz;
Power requirements - 130V ∙ A;
Operating temperature range - from +10 º C to +50 º C;
Overall dimensions oscilloscope S1-78 universal - 408H222H466mm;
Weight - 19kg;
The parameters of the Y unit universal oscilloscope S1-78:
Sensitivity of the channel - 5mV/del-5V/del;
The input resistance of the channel - 1 MW;
Input channel capacity - 30pF;
The parameters of the X unit C1-78 oscilloscope universal:
Sweep duration minimum - 0.01 ms / div;
Maximum sweep duration - 0.5 s / div;
The amplitude of the external synchronization signal device oscilloscope S1-78 Universal - 0.2-20V;
Frequency range of external synchronization - 0 Hz-5 MHz;
The input resistance of the external synchronization - 1 MW;
The parameters of the instrument Z oscilloscope S1-78 universal:
Frequency range of channels - 3 Hz-35MGts;
The range of input voltages - 5V-25V;
The input resistance of the channel - 47K;
The parameters of the Calibration of the oscilloscope S1-78 universal:
The frequency of calibration signal - 1 kHz square wave;
The voltage calibration signal - 0.06 or 0.6 V.

Photos: S1-78 (c1-78)

S1-78 (c1-78) device image.
S1-78 (c1-78) device image.
S1-78 (c1-78) front view.
S1-78 (c1-78) front view.
S1-78 (c1-78) side view.
S1-78 (c1-78) side view.
S1-78 (c1-78) rear view.
S1-78 (c1-78) rear view.
S1-78 (c1-78) overhead view.
S1-78 (c1-78) overhead view.
S1-78 (c1-78) bottom view.
S1-78 (c1-78) bottom view.