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S1-131 (C1-131)

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    Oscillograph S1-131 (C1-131) (S-1-131; S 1-131; c1-131; c-1-131; c1-131)

    Oscilloscope S1-131 (C1-131) - a device used for research (monitoring, recording, measuring) the amplitude and time parameters of the electric signal applied to its input.

    Main technical characteristics of S1-131 (C1-131):

    - Two channel 25MHz;
    - Coefficient of variation 2mV/del - 10V/del;
    - Scan rate 0.02 ms / div - 10s/del;
    - 17.5 ns rise time;
    - Timing Mode - Auto, Standby, the TV signal (line by line and frame);
    - The frequency of the external clock 10Hz - 20MHz;
    - The level of the external clock 0.2 V - 10 V;
    - External Trigger 1MOm/40pF;
    - Internal clock sources, external;
    - Input Voltage 80V (with a divider in 1:10250);
    - Power supply 220V ± 10%, 50Hz;
    - Power consumption of 40W.
    Oscilloscope S1-131 (C1-131) have a very simple operation, small size (243h133h309mm) and weight (4.5 kg). Devices S1-131 (C1-131) targeted for repair and diagnostics of various radio equipment, automation and computer technology.
    Block diagram of S1-131 (C1-131) is shown in Figure 1.
S1-131 (C1-131) oscillograph block diagram of the device
Figure 1. S1-131 (C1-131) oscillograph block diagram of the device
Performance Characteristics S1-131 (C1-131)

    Vertical deflection:
    - Bandwidth 0 - 25MHz (0 - 20 MHz);
    - Coefficient of variation 2mV/del - 10V/del (1-2-5 step);
    - Position error Kotkl. + 4% (+ 6% of the divider 1:10) in real time;
    - HRP rise time ≤ 17,5 ns;
    - Input impedance 1MOm/25pF;
    - The maximum input voltage of 80V (250V with 1:10 divider).

    Modes Vertical channel 1, channel 1 inverted, channel 2, channel 1 2, channels 1 and 2 are intermittently / turn (in real-time and / or read from memory)
    Horizontal deflection devices oscilloscope S1-131 (C1-131):
    - Sweep 0.02mks/del - 0.01s/del (1-2-5) in real time;
    - Error of ± (4-6)%;

    - Sources: Channel 1, Channel 2, the TV signal, the external;
    - External clock 10Hz - 20MHz, 0.2V - 10V;
    - Time delay allows the observation of the leading edge;
    - The presence of XY in the band 20 Hz - 3 MHz;
    - Coefficient of variation - 2mV/del - 10V/del (± 8%).

    Operating conditions S1-131 (C1-131)
    Ambient temperature for devices S1-131 (C1-131) - from -30 ° C to +50 ° C. Relative humidity up to 98% at +35 ° C.

    Oscilloscope S1-131 (C1-131) operates normally after exposure (in the packing box) shock:
    - Repeated action with acceleration up to 147m/s2 pulse duration from 5 ms to 10 ms;
    - A single action with acceleration up to 735m/s2 and duration from 1ms to 10ms.
    Oscilloscope S1-131 (C1-131) resistant to cyclical changes in ambient temperature from -50 ° C to +65 ° C.

Photos: S1-131 (C1-131)

S1-131 (C1-131) oscillograph image.
S1-131 (C1-131) oscillograph image.
S1-131 (C1-131) front view.
S1-131 (C1-131) front view.
S1-131 (C1-131) side view.
S1-131 (C1-131) side view.
S1-131 (C1-131) rear view.
S1-131 (C1-131) rear view.
S1-131 (C1-131) side view.
S1-131 (C1-131) side view.
S1-131 (C1-131) overhead view.
S1-131 (C1-131) overhead view.