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R5054/4 (p5054/4)

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1 piece

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Conductivity bridge R5054/4 (R50544, R 5054 4, R-5054-4, p5054/4, R5054-4, R5054 4, p50544, p 5054 4, p-5054-4, p5054-4, p5054 4)
Conductivity bridge R5054/4 designed for the load voltage transformers when checking on their differential-zero device in ac circuits of frequency 50Hz or 60Hz.
Technical characteristics of the instrument bridge reducibility R5054/4:
Acceptable basic error limit of active and reactive power components of the conductivity or - 4%;
Rated voltage - 100V;
The range of the voltage measurement device conductivity bridge R5054/4 - 80% -120% of nominal voltage;
Rated power factor - 1;
The nominal value of the total power levels - 1.25 ∙ A ∙ A 2.5 V, 5 V ∙ A ∙ A 10V, 15V ∙ A;
Dimensions - 490h130h380mm;
Weight of the device conductance bridge R5054/4 - no more than 13kg.