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Measuring a resistance R403 (R-403, R 403, p403, p 403, p-403)

Measuring a resistance R403 is designed to work in DC as a measure of electrical resistance and represent a decade of the flying resistors with a fork switching device.
Resistance boxes are available in the usual R403, export and tropical designs.
Shops resistance R403 are designed for use in ambient temperatures of 15 to 30 ° C and a relative humidity of 80%.
In terms of resistance to mechanical impact devices are tryaskoprochnym (group 1).
Main technical characteristics of stores are as follows:
Nominal impedance 10x0,1M.
Accuracy class of 0.05. Power rating by one level of 0.05 watts.
Overall dimensions P403: 205h205h180 mm, weight 3.5 kg.
Shops R403 made ​​in a metal case. Attached to the body shop board on which mounted parts of the instrument and the clamps.
The minimum probability of failure-free operation of devices store P403 for 500 hours of testing at least 0.8 at a confidence level of 0.9.

Photos Р403

R403 (P403) device image.
R403 (P403) device image.
R403 (P403) front view.
R403 (P403) front view.
R403 (P403) side view.
R403 (P403) side view.
R403 (P403) overhead view (operation).
R403 (P403) overhead view (operation).