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Voltage comparator R3003 (R 3003, R-3003)
Suitable for:
calibration of the (relative measurement) DC voltages;
voltage measurement (with a normal member of the class 0,001, II level);
issuance of calibrated stress;
Accuracy class of 0.0005.

Voltage comparator R3003 (the comparators) differential accuracy class 0.0005 intended for:
calibration of the (relative measurement) DC voltages;
voltage measurement (with a normal member of the class 0,001, II level);
issuance of calibrated stress;
In the voltage comparator R3003 includes modes with external digital and analog output meter. Operating conditions of the comparator:
ambient temperature - from +10 ° C to +35 ° C. Relative humidity - 80% at 25 ° C, supply voltage - (220 ± 22), at 50, 60Hz.
Voltage comparators R3003, intended for delivery to areas with a tropical climate, consistent execution 0 category 4.1, and operate at a temperature of 10 to 35 ° C. Symbol type comparator R3003 - 04.1 **.

Technical data

The differential voltage comparator.

When calibration of measuring stress and collectively function built-in calibrator, differential instrumentation amplifier, differential Microvoltmeter, the input voltage divider.
Limits and calibration of measurement with compensation of the input voltage, voltage calibrator: 11.111110 V 1.1111110 V 0.11111110 V. The measuring range using the internal voltage divider input 111.11110 V.Znacheniya the maximum permissible error of the relative voltage measurement (calibration of error) in the normal (basic accuracy) and the operating conditions of application correspond to those indicated in Table. 1.
Basic measurement error in the calibration according to the normal element of cl. 0,001 II discharge does not exceed the values ​​listed in Table 1.
The differential instrumentation amplifier voltage. The parameters of the differential output instrumentation amplifier voltage (hereinafter - the amplifier) ​​correspond to those indicated in the table. 2. The limits of the amplified voltage 1mkV; 10mkV; 100mkV, 1 mV, 10mV, 100mV, 1V, 10V. Nominal values ​​of the gain, the limits of permissible error of the relative values ​​of the gain (non-linearity), the limits of permissible error of the absolute value of the gain of the values ​​specified in the table. 3 and 4.
The output impedance of the amplifier (Ri) is as indicated in Table. 5. The output impedance of the amplifier for analog and digital output does not exceed 0.5 ohms.

Input parameters of immunity.

Rejection coefficient differential AC Nap suppressors (hindrance of normal form) network frequency and dynamic range are shown in Table .5.
Factor reject common-mode voltage (common mode):
for AC voltage mains frequency are shown in Table 5;
for DC voltage - not less than 120 dB.
Features duty cycle. Zero offset voltage of the amplifier is not more than 3mkV in operation for 8 hours

Differential Microvoltmeter

Measurement limits microvoltmeter: 1mkV; 10mkV; 100mkV; 1 mV; 10mV, 100mV, 1V, 10V. The limits permitted by pogreshnrstey in normal (basic error) and working conditions of application, setting time microvoltmeter correspond to those in Table 6.
Microvoltmeter has: two rows of scales indicating instrument, electrical equalizer to set the arrows indicating device to zero the bottom of the scale with an accuracy of ± 0,5 divisions, polarity switch indicating device. The normal position of the scale indicating device - vertical.

Voltage calibrator

The limits of the calibrated voltages correspond to those indicated below: 11.111110 V 1.1111110 V 0.11111110 V. The calibrator is made DIL, semidekadnym. Graduation one stage younger decades, load characteristics, the output resistance are shown in Table 7.
Limits of error voltage calibrator meet the limits of error of the comparator R3003 indicated in Table 1. The nominal value of the output voltage division factors within the calibrator on 1.1111110 V 0.11111110 B, 10 and 100, respectively.
Changing the voltage calibrator does not exceed:
duration caused by incorporating 25 • 10-4% TT for 8 hours and 5 • 10-4% - in the precision mode, for 1 hour;
caused by changes in ambient temperature in the temperature range corresponding to the operating conditions of use, 5 • 10-4% / ° C;
attributable to changes in the supply voltage to 22V of nominal 2 • 10-4%.
Changing the division factor subgroups caused by changes in ambient temperature in the range of temperatures corresponding to the operating conditions of application, shall not exceed: 5 • 10-4% / ° C for the range of 1V, 10 • 10-5% / ° C for the range of 0.1 V. Noise voltage output voltage calibrator (multiplicative - component) does not exceed 4 • 10-5% (peak to peak). Divider input voltage:
The nominal rate of fission - 100. Input impedance - 1M, with a tolerance of ± 5%. The temperature coefficient of the division factor - not more than 25 • 10-4% / ° C. The device is equipped with a device for offline verification and adjustment of the divisor.

General characteristics of the device

Warm-up time of the comparator R3003 - 1 hour setup time precision mode - 4 hours R3003 provides a voltage comparator Controlled characteristics regardless of the operating time after the establishment of the operating mode. Current consumption from the mains voltage of 220V - no more than 100mA.
Insulation between the body and insulated from the housing dc circuits, which can be accessed without opening the comparator R3003, stands for 1 minute test voltage of AC 50 Hz, the current value is equal to:
1.5 kV - between connected together with the housing relative to the input terminals of the input AC power;
0.5 kV - between the housing and the input terminals.
Insulation resistance of not less than: 108Om - between housing supply and commissioning of the network; 1010Om - between similar terminals and connected to the ground input power supply.
Size and weight do not exceed 488x170x385 mm, 15 kg.

Table 1.

The limits of measurement 11.111110 In In 1.1111110 In 0.11111110 In 111.11110
Limits of error relative measurements, mV
main ± (5U +1) ± (5U +0,1) ± (10U +0,04) ± (50U +4)
the operating conditions of application ± (10U +1) ± (10U +0,1) ± (20U +0,04) -
Maximum permissible error of measurement, mV, with a range of calibration:
1 hour ± (20U +1) ± (20U +0,5) ± (30U +0,5)  
8 hours ± (40U +5) ± (40U +1) ± (50U +0,5) -

Note. U - rated value of the measured voltage in volts. The basic error of measurement is the sum of the limits:
Relative basic error of measurement;
normal error elementa by which to gauge;
error caused by the change of calibration interval voltage calibrator.
Table 2.
Outputs Rated output voltage E Rated Load The load resistance is not less than
Analog ± 10V 5mA 2K
Digital on the range of measurements:      
1mkV-1B ± 1V - 1000kOm
10B ± 10V - 1000kOm

Table 3.

Data Rules on the limits of the amplified voltage on the digital output
10B 1B 100mV 10mV 1 mV 100mkV 10mkV 1mkV
The nominal value I gain 1B 1B January 10 mV February 10 mV March 10 mV April 10 uV May 10 uV June 10 uV
Maximum permissible error of the gain in operating conditions
relative 20mkV 5mkV 1mkV 1mkV 0.5 uV 0.5 uV - -
absolute mV 20 5 October 4 U +1 25 × 10 2 U +1 October 4 U +0,5 October 4 U +0,5 - -

Note: U - increase voltage in volts.

Photos: R3003

R3003 comparator image.
R3003 comparator image.
R3003 front view.
R3003 front view.
R3003 side view.
R3003 side view.
R3003 rear view.
R3003 rear view.
R3003 overhead view.
R3003 overhead view.
R3003 bottom view.
R3003 bottom view.