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NK5-4A (HK5-4A)

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Coiling machine NK5-4A

Also, this device can be called: NK54A, NK5 4A, hk5-4a, hk54a, hk5 4a.

NK5 4A-coiling machine is designed for winding coils of wire round and rectangular sections without mechanical layout turns.

Specifications NK5-4A:

RPM faceplate - 1,8 r/min; 3,6 r/min; 5,6 r/min; 8 r/min, 16 r/min; 25 r/min.

Maximum torque tools - 25000 N·m.

The diameter of the winding machine - 1800 mm.

Faceplate diameter - 1100 mm.

Direction of rotation of the chuck - reverse.

Machine drive - electric alternating current.

Motor driving machines:

- Voltage - 380 V;

- Power - 7,5 kW;

- Frequency - 50 Hz.

Overall dimensions - 2260×1360×1950 mm.

Weight - 2200 kg.

Limiting parameters of the workpiece

Cross section of winding wires - up to 400 mm2.

Maximum diagonal wound coil - 1800 mm.

Coiling machines NK5-4A can be used with:

- unwinding tension device - used for round conductors supplied in coils;

- tensioning device - insulated wire used for rectangular and circular ducts at the reel in one wire;

- unwinding devices - used for wires of rectangular and circular cross-section, on reels;

- tensioning device - for insulated wires of rectangular cross section in the 2-6 parallel winding wires.

The manufacturer provides a guarantee of compliance NK5-4A all technical requirements if the consumer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.

Photos: NK5-4A (HK5-4A)

NK5-4A (HK5-4A) device image.
NK5-4A (HK5-4A) device image.